Thurman A. & Ruth (Borror) Kifer Borror family photo
Jason Kifer

Thurman A. & Ruth (Borror) Kifer

Thurman A. Kifer and Ruth E. (Borror) Kifer
25th Anniversary.

About Thurman A. Kifer

This is my grandfather whom pass away when I was 7 years old....He was a farmer and had farm close to the Mason Dixie line. .His wife was Ruth Elizabeth (Borror) Kifer. The Farm was beautiful when I was younger. I remember they had pony and I fell off , the pony kick me in my eye, my grandfather pick me up and fix my eye up..Still have the scar to remember, me of him..It is a good thing. I wish I could of spend more time with him more. It was short live. His wife Ruth Elizabeth (Borror) Kifer pass away in 2011. She was the greatest person in my life...U will always remember the aroma in her kitchen..Made the best meals and can bake the best sweet. Never go hungray.. I have some picture, I will post of my grandfather.. Love you and miss u Your grandson Jason S Kifer ...more info

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Is that his wife or daughter in the photo?
Apr 03, 2013 9:39 am reply
Thurman A. & Ruth (Borror) Kifer

Thurman A. Kifer

Born: Nov 16, 1913
Died: December 1980 (age 67)
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