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This photo was found among the Anderson family photos. The photo collection includes Andersons and Linds from the Brantwood, WI area.

Mystery: Although the names Edla and Lydia are written at the bottom of picture, I am unsure where or when the picture was taken. I also am wondering if these girls were relatives or family friends of the Anderson or Lind family. It's possible my grandfather, Henry Lind(fors) who immigrated from Finland was related to these two girls and am looking for more information on who they are or where they were from.


Seija Köykkä Is one of these men your grandfather?

Lindfors Henrik (from Finland) 10.05.1902

Lindfors Henrik Feliks. b.1879

Lindfors Henrik Selim W. Henrikss. b.1883
Sep 03, 2004 · Reply
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