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Brenda Minor Hi Mary... Can you give us some background information on your grandmother & her folks? Where she and they were from? I know a lady her in Tucson that was named Stout and her folks were from SE Oklahoma. Was there anything at all written on the back of the photo?
Brenda Minor
Jul 26, 2009 · Reply
Mary Baucom Thanks, for your inquiry Brenda.

My Grandmother (whose maiden name Stout) was from Arkola and Hartford, Arkansas and she later resided in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her family - the Evans & Jones were from originally from Wales.
Her husband, my Grandfather (Greene) was born in Ohio - His family was from Maine, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Other possible family names are: Antle, Brown, Byers, Drake, Price, Nagle, Strowmeyer, Wagoner.

Unfortunately, there was nothing written on the back of this photo (tin-type). Thanks, Mary.
Jul 28, 2009 · Reply
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