Unknown Cason family photograph

Photo Details

Portrait of a young women in an oval frame. There aren't any details of the photographer at all on this one. It was amongst a few others that were supposedly taken in Victoria Australia so I'm assuming this one was too.

Mystery: This photograph was handed down from my grandmother Merle Houghton (nee Livesay). These were taken I think mainly in Victoria Australia & were said to have been members of the Cason family. I believe most of them may be children or grand children of Jonathan Cason & Christina Robb.
Jonathan was from Ipswich Suffolk England & came to Australia in the 1850's. Christina Robb came from Dysart Fifeshire Scotland came to Geelong Victoria in 1854. The family settled as farmers at Carngham near Ballarat in Victoria.

They had the following children:- John born 1857 married Sarah Spargo, Christina born 1859 married George Ford, David born 1860 married Elizabeth Murphy, Thomas born 1861 married Mary Rickard, James born 1863 married Martha Wall, Rebecca born 1865 married John Livesay, Sarah born 1867 married Joseph Turner, Catherine born 1870 married Fred King, Jemima born 1872 married Frank Wall, Robert born 1874 married Minnie Wall & Jessie born 1879 didnt marry.
The photographs could be associated with any of the above names.
at unknown, Melbourne (possibly), Victoria Australia


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