Unknown Crowe/Conway/McGuire?

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Another mystery photo found in my grandmother Conway's photo album. The album also contained photo's of Crowes, Conway's and McGuire's.

Mystery: Can anyone help me identify this family? There wasn't anything written on it. It was possibly taken in Alabama.


S Murphy Do you know what town or area of Alabama?
Mar 28, 2003 · Reply
Darla Rawls Ertwine My grandmother lived in Brilliant, Marion County, Alabama. So I'm guessing it was around there.
Mar 30, 2003 · Reply
Dorothy Daugherty the family photo is uncanny. The likeness to me and my children is close. We were from st. louis, but i cant find george albert crowe. Dated at the turn of the century, contact me at [contact link]
Jun 10, 2003 · Reply
Tharen Vass In this photo the young man looks like the same one in the previous photo with age 18 on the back, or a brother of same. I know this doesn't help with the identity, though.
Dec 25, 2009 · Reply
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