Unknown Stone Child, New Hampshire Stone family photo
Ballenger Stone

Unknown Stone Child, New Hampshire

This photo was in the Aunt Nancy Stone album. On the back " Photographed by S. C. Dustin, Keene, N. H."
Other Stone names in the album without the photo include Stacy Stone, Alvah Stone, Gardner? Stone. There are no other surnames included in the album. The majority of the Carte de Vistephotos are made in the Massachusetts area, mainly from Worcester, MA. Others are from Boston and NY. I am searching for any connection to my Great Grandfather, George Edward Stone b. in Rome GA mid 1800s, married Nancy Rebecca Wells of GA. They lived in Atlanta and the gravesite of George Edward is said to be somewhere on the east side of Stone Mountain, GA. Nancy remarried and moved to AL with her children, Tom, Ed (my Grandfather), Zeke, Effie and Dera. ... show more

The Mystery

Can anyone help me identity this photo or provide any information to help in my search for my Stone ancestors or the location of the cemetery east of Stone Mountain GA?

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Photo taken at S. C. Dustin photography Keene, New Hampshire USA