This lady's name, date of photo and location taken is not known. Speculation is that she is the wife of Lawrence Miller (see Miller photos). However, proof of who she is is neeed before she can be linked to any family.
She may be in her 30's here and the photo is definitely 1800 something.

Melanie Viselli when i looked at an enlarged version of the pic, it looked to me like maybe (and i could be wrong) that the lady may have had some native american in her genetics...and as far as the age of the pic, i'd place it sometime around the 1880's...just judging by the clothes she's wearing, and the picture itself....
i don't know who she might be other than that...and like i said i could be wrong about the native american angle, but the eyes sort of make me think of the characteristic eyes you see in old photos of the native americans....
hope what guesses i've made help something...
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