Various Views Of The Sheeks House Fields family photo
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Various Views Of The Sheeks House

The picture postcard shows the Sheeks House on the left of the larger Granny White House on display with other pioneer homes & shops, etc. The other pictures show all the sides of the house, which had a detached kitchen separated from the house with a covered breezeway in between, or what they usedto call the dog run. The detached kitchen helped protect the house from possible fires. George Sheeks started to build this house in 1816 in southern Indiana on Lick Creek in what was then Orange County, but is now Lawrence County, while his wife and first seven children still lived in Wayne County, KY where they had been for sixteen years. Upon completion, he moved his family to their new home on 9 Jan 1817. Albert J. Fields, son of George Fields and Mary (Sheeks), daughter of George Sheeks's son, David L. Sheeks and Susan (Horsey), made the arrangements for the house to be moved to its present location at Spring Mill State Park, where it was reassembled, rebuilt, and restored for display. It is in remarkable condition. This house is dear to Sheeks descendants because their ancestors lived in and visited this house, many of them being born there, including Albert J. Fields. Some original pieces are on display in the home, including the weaving loom George made for his wife Elizabeth and George's broad ax. ... show more

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Photo taken at Sheeks House On Display At Spring Mill State Park Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana on
Various Views Of The Sheeks House

Albert J. Fields

Born: Feb 13, 1866
Died: unknown