Viola Jane (Workman) Jarrell Claypool Elkins

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Viola Jane Workman was born January 11, 1860 in Boone County, West Virginia to Jasper Workman and Martha (Chambers) Workman. She married first to George Washington "Manna" Jarrell in 1880. They divorced. She married second to John Floyd Claypool. They divorced. She moved to Elgin, Oregon and then to Alaska where she owned a gold mine and was postmistress. Her young daughter Martha Workman Claypool died in 1903 and she became disgusted with Alaska and sailed back to Seattle with the ship pulling behind it a casket with Martha's body in it (to keep it cold). Once they arrived in Seattle, the little girl was embalmed and casketed and placed on a train along with her mother to head back to Boone County, West Virginia for burial. Viola married third to Micager "Cage" Elkins. Viola died October 2, 1934 in Boone County, West Virginia.


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