William DeVito & James Brennan

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L-R: William DeVito (1879-1938)and his brother-in-law, James P. Brennan (1886-1968)pictured in Dorchester circa 1919 probably after the demobilisation of James Brennan. William was married to James' sister, Mary Anne Brennan (1885-1941). He and Mary Anne had 2 children, Andrew J.DeVito (1908-1991) and Helen DeVito (b.1909). William had at least 1 brother called Albert DeVito (b. 1893) and was a son of Andrew (Andrea) DeVito (b. abt 1826) and Antonia Santasuosso (b. abt 1850). Between 1910 and 1925 William was employed by John A. DeVito at Janinni & DeVito Inc at 288 Commercial Street, Dorchestor.
at Dorchester, Suffolk, MA USA


John Brennan Andrew and Antonia DeVito 15 children of whom the following 7 survived for any length of time:

1. John Andrew DeVito, (1874 - 1957) who was born in Virginia and died in Turlock, California.
2. William DeVito, (27 Sep 1879-18 Aug 1938) who was born in MA and died in Boston, MA.
3. Amos DeVito, (23 Nov 1881) who was born in MA,
4. Olympia DeVito (c1887)
5. Angelina DeVito (c1890)
6. Albert DeVito, (2 Mar 1892-16 Aug 1892) who was born in MA.
7. Alfred DeVito (Jan 1893) who was born in MA.
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