William Hicks I & Nancy Forsyth

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This is William Hicks I and wife Nancy Forsyth And their son Alexander, I was
told that the younger man could be Dr Malcolm Hicks , their grandson. The little girl is Loudie Frances Shepard their gd. The daughter of their son William Monroe or(Mark) Hicks .
The writing under the picture says they are different members of the family.
However, I have a picture of William M Hicks their son he is my ggf and that
man in the picture is not him, it is his father. I was told this by the person
who gave me the picture, also. He had received some new information on the picture.

William M Hicks was married to Frances Anderson first when she died he married
Mandy Braswell. William M Hicks children are Joseph, John Noel, William Acker,
Susan Hicks Taylor, Mattie (Martha Jane HIcks Portwood, Samuel Dean Hicks,
Loudie Hicks Shepard and my GM Ava Elizabeth Hicks Bell wife of Edwin A Bell.
at Braswell Mtn, Dallas Paulding Co, Georgia USA


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