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Shelley Ryans My grandpa was George Harold Levering, who passed in 1987. My grandpa and grandma (Leda) Levering raised me. She passed in 1985. I'm new to this, but surely this is family, as Levering is not a common name. I don't know how to "connect", as in communicating with you, Miss Gloria, as I've just joined the site, but would love to find out how these Levering's fit into my own family tree. Thanks, Shelley (Rene) Ryans (Baker).
Aug 17, 2013 · Reply
Carolee Moore This "Will Levering" may be Wilson Keyser Levering Jr. (b. 1904), not William. If so, his father was Wilson Keyser Levering and his mother was Jessie Matthews Levering of Baltimore. . . . maybe. . . . of course research needs to be done. I'm basing my guess on the dress and youth of these people.
Dec 18, 2013 · Reply
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