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L toR Back- John Noel Hicks, William M (buck) Hicks, William Acker. William (Buck) Hicks had more sons named Samuel and Joe. Front - Addie Margaret Waldrop Hicks and Edwin Theodore Hicks. John's wife and son. someone has written on the xerox copy that if Edwin had lived he would have been 88 on 7-14-1995.
William M Buck Hicks died at his house on Braswell Mt, He was 88 yrs old Born in Paulding Co GA. He leaves behing three sons William Acker and Samuel D, and John Noel of selma ALA.
Four daughters Mrs R F (Sudie) Taylor, Lizzie Bell, Ludie Sheppard who lived in Paulding Co GA, and Mattie Portwood who lived in Fulton CO GA. He was married to Francis Anderson who in the 1860 census the Andersons shows Noah 47, Susan 41, Cena 17, Nancy 15, Sarah 12, Francis 7, WM 6 and James 6.
in USA


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