William Russell Bruce (Sr) & unknown first wife Bruce family photo
Karen Baker

William Russell Bruce (Sr) & unknown first wife

This is a picture my mom,Betty Jo Bruce Baker, has had a long time of her father William Russell Bruce and his first wife. At the time my grandfather's family lived in Davidson County, TN. We would love to know who thi pretty lady is.

The Mystery

This is a picture of my grandfather and his first wife. My Mom has had this picture. I tried to "clean it up" a little. We know that Russell (or sometimes WR Bruce) married my grandmother, Mary Hamilton Crouch (aka: Mamie, Mayme, Mymie,or possiblly more spellings) on Sept 16, 1913. So this would have been taken before then. We were told that she died either during child birth or shortly after. The baby, we believe may have been named Marion, then died, but we are unsure whether he lived days or weeks or months. I'm not sure how the picture is going to come thru, but she seemed very fair complected and seems to have small features. My grandfather was not a large man. I have found that his father was JR Bruce and mother Mary. My grandfather had a large group of siblings. Names include: Curtis,Edmond Spencer, Ocie,Juanita, Savannah, Robert,Perle, George, Henry and others. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

About Esma Pearl Griffin Bruce

This is a picture of my grandfather and his first wife. She passed away about 6 months after giving birth to their son, Marion Aubrey Bruce (1910-1911). He lived about a month and half (+/-) after her death. ...more info

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Karen Baker I have been lucky enough to locate my grandfather and the pretty lady's marriage record (Jan 19,1910),their baby boy's birth and death certificate, and her death certificate. Her name is Esma P Griffin Bruce, DOB Sept 1892 (in Sumner County, TN) DOD: May 26,1911 (Nashville, TN). Her parents: M E Griffin and Sallie G Legg Griffin
Her Sisters: Olivie M Griffin and Nola Odis Griffin.
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Photo taken at Davidson County, Tennessee USA on
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