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...wagon yard, wagon yard, who is the fairest of all Pattersons... who will solve the riddle of the missing Patterson... horses and buggies... no gas pollution, no noise pollution, just miles of road on the way to the Wagon Yard...but was this wagon yard owned by a Patterson... there seems to be a Patterson notation on the back, however, the best I can make of what is in front of it is as follows...I wi ll return to settle this mystery...


Kathy Smith do you know the location of wagon yard? could it be in little rock,ar.? i had relatives that once had a wagon [external link] gggrandmother was a patterson.
Feb 23, 2004 · Reply
Judy Harvey Could this have been located in Wetumka,OK.? Jesse andElizabeth Clemmons and her brother,Bascom Martin owned the first wagon yard there.Their daughter, Millie Ann Tennessee Clemmons married William T. Patterson.
Feb 24, 2004 · Reply
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