Young Louisa Ann Palmer/England

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Photo of Louisa Ann PALMER from approx. 1871. Photo taken at H. Bailey, 4 Newland Terrace, Kensington Road from Regent Street, London. Louisa, my great-grandmother is the daughter of Charles and Anne (HEDGES) PALMER, Swanbourne, England.

Mystery: Is young Louisa Ann PALMER in your family photo album? Louisa, born 1859 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire is my great-grandmother. Her parents, Charles and Anne (HEDGES) PALMER died when Louisa was very young. Louisa then lived with Aunts and Uncles as a child. The mystery is which Aunts & Uncles with whom Louisa lived! Maybe HEDGES families in Stewkley or Leighton Buzzard? Or PICKERINGS (Louisa's grandmothers maiden name)? PALMERS? Or perhaps her mother's stepsisters with maiden names of STEVENS? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
in United Kingdom


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