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Balasa Surname History

Numele Bălaşa apare in annalele storice  Ju. Venelin,  din anul 1840 -" Vlaho-bolgarskija ili dako-slavjanskija gramoty"- ( gramatica şi storia  Vlaho-bulgară -daco-slavonică) in pag 342 al doilea nume scris cu litere cirilice in partea sx in sus. Sursa  informatie

 Balasa -Nome di un fiume in Africa tra Eritrea e Etiopia.( confluence of the Balasa with the Mareb at

14°38′N 39°1.3′E.

Balasa- Nome di un lago( Balasa Pokhri of Sikron Village) su un alto piano a 3,110 m in Nepal-

Balassa -località in Niger

According to one family researcher, Balasa is a Romanian name that may have further roots in Greece and the Ottoman Empire. The word "balasa," in Romanian, means "bright, shining, golden" and may have referred to a person or his or her hair. Balasa family researchers still have much to discover about the family, its history, and the entymology of the Balasa surname and may share it here on this user-submitted page for Balasa family history.

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Balasa Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Bălașa e un nume de origine românesc Balasa is a Romanian name, the Greek-Albanian roots (I think the name comes from the root Greek Phanariot Balassaki-name already expanded during the Ottoman Empire) but may have roots even gave Antiche that is present in India, and Indonesia which makes me conclude that there are Pelasgian-Thracian Dacian roots, since Alexander the Great said Makedon (Alessandro Magno) Impression conquered an empire reaching the Far East (India and China).Balasa appeared like a name of a lake in Nepal nearest Kaigaon( similarity with Kogaion romanian sacred mountain?),other a name of the  river Balasa (Africa) ,wich confluenced with Mareb river between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Balasa Meaning & Etymology

Nome del etymology Bălaşa = Bălaie (Romanian archaic); Blanche(francese); golden, blonde, bright, radiant, great- bright, brilliant, sunlight; Derivanti  della radice Bălaşa=Bălan(Romanian archaic)[[ significa -bianco;bianco -giallo; oro- e  usato per le razze di cavalli]] mean: white;yellow-white;yellow-golden- the terminology is used for the horses bred.Bălaşa = (inglese). -Blonde, Golden Shining, Shining, glittering, glossy, glowing, refulgent, luminous, radiant, bright, goldAffinia Interpretazioni nome "Balsa = città dell Iberia sing so vast palludi" [external link] / ... / Sul% 20Nome% 20di% 20Otranto.pdf .. "

Balasa Life Expectancy

According to our database of 79 people with the last name Balasa that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Balasa Family Tree

Find Balasa records

Find birth, death, marriage, military, and other Balasa records at

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Famous People named Balasa

Famous members of the Balasa family:

  • Sabin Bălaşa (born June 17, 1932 in Olt  – died April 1, 2008 in Bucharest) was a Romanian painter. His works are self-described by himself as "cosmic romanticism".
  • Nicolae Bălasa (39 de ani), un inginer mecanic din Dolj, socoteste mental mai rapid decât calculatorul (înmultiri, împartiri, ecuatii de gradul II, radicali de ordinul III si IV)! Fost inginer la Uzina Mecanica Filiasi.

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Most Common Balasa First Names

According to our database of 98 people with the last name Balasa that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • John 8.2%
  • Andrew 6.1%
  • Mary 6.1%
  • Frank 6.1%
  • Joseph 5.1%
  • Walter 5.1%
  • Edmund 2.0%
  • Anthony 2.0%
  • Ladislaus 2.0%
  • Florence 2.0%
  • Rose 2.0%
  • Alexander 2.0%
  • Victoria 2.0%
  • Josephine 2.0%
  • Charles 1.0%
  • Alphonse 1.0%
  • Doris 1.0%
  • Veronica 1.0%
  • Richard 1.0%
  • William 1.0%
  • Valerie 1.0%
  • Sarah 1.0%
  • Constantin 1.0%
  • Angela 1.0%
  • Stanislas 1.0%
  • Kath 1.0%
  • James 1.0%
  • Stanislaw 1.0%
  • Piotr 1.0%
  • Domonik 1.0%
  • Della 1.0%
  • Marion 1.0%
  • Alfred 1.0%
  • Carolyn 1.0%
  • Eva 1.0%
  • Joanna 1.0%
  • Genevieve 1.0%
  • Elizabeth 1.0%
  • Julia 1.0%
  • Florea 1.0%
  • Vasilica 1.0%
  • Jose 1.0%
  • Martha 1.0%
  • Stanley 1.0%
  • Agnes 1.0%
  • Anna 1.0%
  • Virginia 1.0%
  • Parv 1.0%
  • Miklos 1.0%
  • Voda 1.0%

Balasa Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

derivante de la Bălașa se mai poate translitera si in BALAXIA

Find Balasa records

Find birth, death, marriage, military, and other Balasa records at

Search for Balasa records