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Most Common First Names

  • John 8.2%
  • Andrew 6.1%
  • Mary 6.1%
  • Frank 6.1%
  • Joseph 5.1%
  • Walter 5.1%
  • Edmund 2.0%
  • Anthony 2.0%
  • Ladislaus 2.0%
  • Florence 2.0%
  • Rose 2.0%
  • Alexander 2.0%
  • Victoria 2.0%
  • Josephine 2.0%
  • Charles 1.0%
  • Alphonse 1.0%
  • Doris 1.0%
  • Veronica 1.0%
  • Richard 1.0%
  • William 1.0%

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[deleted] Family Balasa, Kois, Ozvald/Ozwald, Gruber

I research family Balasa, because here is hypotesis that some of my family comes from, basing on lists of property, could be related also with family Kois and Ozwald/Ozvald, but this hypotesis is not confirmed, they inherited or bought properties joined with Balasa, very famous and large family. So emailing of information about these families are very welcome. So also beacause of sure neighbourhood or something common with properties I here write something from history of family of Balasa as it is my notices, maybe once used. Also that family Gruber came from Austria and had here very great properties which I  could not count, were divided among several descendants not keeping so great intergrity and instruments as in times of prosperity are not used in such prosperity as before nationalization of private properties by comunism, from grace of the Lord were restituted, but nobody returned gains and integrity of prospering firm.
I met one person from family Balasa who had surname Balaz and said i tis originally Balasa showing me book where was some noble Balasa. I research locality Senec through Sarfia /Blatne/ till Senkvice, Slovakia.

Very popular persons from family of Balasa are for example Imrich Balasa, who died circa 1633, very rich literature about family Balassa, Balasa is in Slovak, Czech, Czechoslovak encyclopedias and Rodove erby na Slovensku I., Jozef Novak. Balasas had very close relationship to Thurzo from letters from 1602-1617. Balasa history is dated from 13th century from some letters and some members of family reached titles baron, count.
Coat of arms of Jan Balasa from 1572 is red shield on which is black head of animal zubor /I could not find in vocabulary/ with gold horns with gold star on right side of head and on left silver halfmoon.
More known is coat of arms of count from times of Maria Teresia, black head of zubor with silver horns, with silver halfmoon under the mouth and gold star over head of zubor with letters M T as Maria Teresia in the star of the coat of arms, which confirmed the title count.
Whole original sign of family surrounds crowned green dragon, all in red shield. The jewel is crowned black female of eagle holding in right hand /extremity/ silver sword with gold handle and in left upward silver arrow with gold feathers, covers are gold-black. Coat of arms i sused from 1664 and letters M T from 1772. The seal has letters: 1603 - E.B.D.G. – Emericus Balassa de Gyarmath, Hungary and 1608 – words EMERICVS* BALASSA* BARO* DE *GIARMATH, baron seals.
The seals of Imrich Balasa says that he was the member of order of Dragon, most important knight order in Hungary, which is dated from 14th century. New decree set Zigmund 1408, only barons could be members. The figure of dragon has not main position in coat of arms.

By Eva Bartosova

Other genealogy see several lists of surnames on site [external link] surname Bartos
Sep 13, 2006 · Reply