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Most Common First Names

  • John 6.7%
  • Mary 5.0%
  • James 4.5%
  • William 3.8%
  • Thomas 3.4%
  • Byrne 2.2%
  • Patrick 2.1%
  • Joseph 1.9%
  • Margaret 1.9%
  • Michael 1.8%
  • Edward 1.7%
  • Robert 1.5%
  • Catherine 1.4%
  • Elizabeth 1.2%
  • Charles 1.1%
  • George 1.0%
  • Francis 1.0%
  • Peter 0.8%
  • Ellen 0.7%
  • Richard 0.7%

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Angela Kirwan my grandmotherwas born in ireland,to john and elisebeth rea, nee larkin in the year 1874, i do not know much about her only that she met my grandfather george byrne a catholic and changed her religion from protestant to marry him in 1887, her father who had a lot of property in dublin would not have anything to do with her and cut her off without a penny, she had five children, susan, julia my mother, tommy, mary, and james. my mother was born in dublin in 1901 and when she was six or seven years old her mother died, leaving all childten in difficult times, i believe that her father took over the children for a time as my mother had some memories of him.
now as they are buried in dublin and i know they never left ireland, would any one of the reas out there connect with this story as i would love to know if she had any brothers or sisters or as her mother was a larkin and at that time very few people of that name lived in dublin, any information would be of value
Jun 15, 2006 · Reply