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Colautti Surname History

I found this infomation in the "Dizionario dei Cognomi Italiani" by Emidio di Felice. The text is in Italian;  what follows  is a summary of the entry, not a direct translation.

The surname Colautti is derived from the nickname 'Cola' from 'Nicola' (Nicholas), for  St. Nicholas of Bari. It is diffused through Venice and its environs, including Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, which was once Venetian territory, and also in the central Adriatic zone and the southern part of the Italian peninsula. 

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Colautti Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The Colautti surname is Italian, derived from the nickname for "Nicholas' (Nicola), nickname 'Cola'. It is diffused through Venice and its environs, (including Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, which was once Venetian territory), the central Adriatic zone, and the southern part of the Italian peninsula. Italian

Colautti Meaning & Etymology

Derived from  'Cola' the nickame for 'Nicola' (Nicholas), it has variants such as Colussi, Colletti, Colotti, etc.

Colautti Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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In times when literacy was uncommon, names such as Colautti were written down based on their pronunciation when people's names were recorded in government records. This could have led to misspellings of Colautti. Names like Colautti change in how they're said and written as they travel across villages, family lines, and eras over time. Researching misspellings and alternate spellings of the Colautti surname are important to understanding the etymology of the name.

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