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73.6 years

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Marianne Vallone Now that I have my Great Grandfather's (Albert H. Dusek) death certificate, I am more confused than I was before I had it. While his death certificate says he was born in Iowa, census records have him born in Manhatten, NY. When he died, it states he was a widower. We still have no idea who our Great Grandmother was because the death certificates of their two sons don't give exact names. Both sons were born in Blue Lakes, CA and only 2 years apart. One certificate says mother's name was C. Smith. The other death certificate says the mothers name is .....Marza. Don't know which is right and even if I did, there is so much missing from both. I had someone in the Blue Lakes area check the cemeteries for all 3 names and none show up. The sons were born in the late 1890s and census show GGrandpa being a widower by 1900 and moving to Sonoma County. This could mean the mother died in child birth. My GrGrandfather is buried in Sonoma County next to his Son and a grandchild. No wife.
This search has been going on now for 6 years and we are still very much in the dark. If any Dusek's out there have any missing male relatives born Feb. 12th, 1850, please contact me here.
Nov 09, 2005 · Reply