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Linda C The Holton & Arnold Families
Of Pulaski County, Ky. 1967
By: Alan Whitis, 2418 Asbury Street Indianapolis, Indiana

Stapey Flavin Holton -Born 1844 -In Claiborne County, Tenn. Son of James R. and Martha Gowen/ Gion Holton.
Moved with his family to Pulaski County, Ky. In 1849. He was but 5 years old when leaving Tenn., all of his brothers and sisters having been born in Tenn., except baby Emily, who was born in Pulaski County about 1850. She was a sickly baby, having Erysipelas at birth, but according to records she lived to be a young lady.
There was Matilda age 17, when they move to Ky., William age 13,Elizabeth age 12,Hugie age 11, John age 9, Stapey and Elmira age 10,baby Emily born about 1850 after moving to Pulaski.
They lived on a farm according to census records of Pulaski County, Ky., for 1850 indicates they lived near Rockcastle River, near Line Creek, James R. was listed as 50 years old in 1850 and a farmer. There is nothing to indicate otherwise but that Stapey Holton and his brothers and sisters lived a normal life, as any country children do, visiting friends and neighbors on Sunday, fishing in the river, hunting rabbit, and fighting with brothers and sisters as the case may be.
In November of 1854 his oldest sister Matilda married Hugh Barclay, Son of Gorge & Nancy Graves Barclay, in March of 1856, they had a son Granville Barclay. But when the baby was only 5 months old Matilda died of consumption, in the late fall of 1856. Also on July 19,1856 they lost there mother Martha Gowen or Goin Holton born 1809 died of consumption at the age of 45 years; the daughter of Uriah and Nancy Gowen, And born in Tenn. Where she was buried I don’t know.
There is not information of where the children lived after the death of there mother, but some of them lived with their father, where Stapey lived, I have no record, but as most boys did at that time probably worked for some farmer for room and board. Though is shows that he did attend school and could read and write. He always wrote his name and did not make his mark as many did at that time.
On February 11, 1857,seven months after the death if his wife, James R. Holton remarried. He married Miss Basheba Jackson born 1826,almost 25 years younger than he. She was the daughter of Joseph and Milly Jackson. The 1860 census shows that after there marriage the family moved. This time they lived in Burdine District. They had no children in 1860, of their own but living with them were, Hughie, John, Elmira, and Emily. In 1870 census shows they were parents of Amanda E. Holton born in 1860, Phoeba born in 1862, and Mary B. Holton born in 1865.
In 1880, Bashaba Jackson Holton is not with the family, I find no record of her death, but James R. Holton is living with Jim and Elmira Jackson. The youngest child Mary is living with them also.
Amanda E. Holton is shown as the adopted child of Bullford & Cena Bullock living with them. While Phoeba is living in the home of William Riley & Hannah Evans Mize as their hired girl. In the records show that they lived near in home and list John Whitaker as their neighbor. But they James R. and Basheba Holton were the parents of Amanda E. Holton, Phoeba Holton, and Mary B. Holton.
Where Stapy lived in 1857 until 1861 is still unknown. But on July 24,1961, he enlisted at Dallas, Pulaski County, Kentucky in the Union Army as a Private at the age of 17. In Company K, Commanded at that time by Captain James W. Barnett in the third Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers Infantry. First in command was Col. Thomas E. Bramlett. Also enlisting at Dallas, Ky., on the same day was John Robert a neighbor, who had once lived in Tennessee near to where Stapy was born, enlisted period of three years or more.
On February 7, 1862, first Lieutenant Roberts was promoted to Captain to fill the vacancy created when Captain Barnett resigned. Thus becoming Mr. Holton’s superior officer. Enlisting near the same time from the same community was Hugh Barclay husband of Matilda Holton deceased. Sent to Camp Roberson where he contracted the measles and died in November 1861. He was brought back to Rock Lick Church near Grundy for burial.
Many form the same neighborhood answered to their country’s call among them where Ephraim Mile Hawk, Solomon Inhabnitt, son of Cunningham & Logan, son of William Riley and Hannah Evans Mize.
On September 20,1836,Stapy was captured at the Battle of Chicumauga by the Southern Army and was held as a prisoner of war until October 1864 at Danville, Virginia. While a prisoner he became ill from starvation, exposure, and begun spitting up blood. From which he never recovered, was honorable discharged at Louisville, Kentucky on October 1, 1864.
After his discharge he returned to Pulaski County, Ky., where he immediately started courting the pretty 17 year old Sarah Jane Arnold. Daughter of Nathaniel Arnold Senior and Minerva (Ramsey) Arnold. It must have been a love match from the beginning for they were married at the home of her parents in a Pulaski County, KY on December 28, 1864. With all the families present. James R. Holton and James Jackson were witnesses to the marriage. With the Rev. Ephriam Meece, as Minister.
With a little imagination one can picture he big wedding dinner that took place and the fun always followed, such as riding the groom on the rail, maybe a good jug of moonshine hid out in the barn. Anyway, we know this marriage had the blessing of both families. Life seemed to smile on this marriage on March 1, 1866, a daughter, was born to this home, a healthy baby girl named Martha B. Shewas for Stapey’s late mother Martha. Minerva Jackson and Ephriam Jackson attended Mrs. Holton at the birth of her daughter.
The old disease which had been contracted during the time in prison began to trouble him more now and he was becoming unstable to do much manual labor. On November 12, 1866 he appeared before Mr. E. D. Porch, Clerk of the County Court in Pulaski County, KY applying for a pension. The pension was granted. How much he received I don’t know but I found two receipts for $48.00 if this was the amount I don’t know.
They were blessed with another daughter Mary E. Holton born July 8, 1868 who was to become the wife of a neighbor boy, William Madison Whitaker at the age of 18 years old. His parents, Elisha and Elizabeth (Stogsdill) Whitaker, lived but a few farms away.
On February 22, 1870, Minerva E. Holton was born. This young lady was named for Grandmother Minerva Arnold. On July 22, 1870, when Stapey’s old Commanding officer James W. Barnett called to take the 1870 Federal Census on Line Creek, he found this family living very well, listed as head of a home and occupation was Farmer. With personal property valued at $300.00 and real estate at 250.00 was not bad at that time for a sick man with a wife, and three little girls.
On November 25,1872 the baby of the family was born, another baby girl. Mira E. Holton named for Aunt Mira Jackson, sister of Stapey’s who swore under oath to have been present at all the births of these children. How proud they must have been of their little family. Four little girls with all their names starting with the letter M. All named for a dear relative. I would think great care and love went into these names and children.
In these community where little girls grew up was made up of good neighbors and kin, most of them going to Line Creek Baptist Church or the Old Valley Church, where services were usually held once a month by a visiting preacher. Then everyone would walk for a miles to come to church. Many of these people are buried at these church cemetery’s with no marker except a field stone.
This Valley was made up of families that were related to each other and knew everyone’s kin for miles around. Neighbors and friends of the Holton’s on Line Creek on 1870 were Bowling and Sarah Price Bullock, Isreal and Elizabeth Price, Drury Harper, with his many children, Father if Silas who had a son John who would make up part of this family tree one day.
James Jackson and Elmira Holton sister of Stapey, Bowling g. Ping, son of Robert and Patience Whitson Ping his (second wife; first wife being an Inhabnitt) Permelia (Grider) Parkey, Andrew Dugger and his wife, Elisha Whitaker and Elizabeth Stogsdill; her father, Shadrack Stogsdill lived not far away. This Elisha was the father of William Madison Whitaker, who was to married to Mary Holton.
Stephen Ping, who married Nancy Sewell and was the Great grandfather Wallace Ping. Abner Ping (Stephen’s son), Jackson Price and wife Louvica, living with them were Joseph Inabbit and wife Sophie E., Dawson G. Ping (Son of Stephen and Nancy), James C. Eaton and Rachel Ping, his wife. Zebuleon Chaney, William Bullock, Jesse Pointer, Joshua and Kizzie Sewell Hansford, and Blufford and Cena Bullock.
These people were among the few that made up the neighborhood. About all the brothers and sisters of Stapey’s and Sarah Jane (Arnold) Holton had married and were living not far away. Elmira Holton had married James W. Jackson. Jim was the son of William and Sarah Woodall Jackson, and two new nephew’s of Elmira’s step-mother, Basheba Jackson Holton. They had a household full of children by now and most all lived next door to the Holton’s. Thomas F., Joseph, Newton J., William C., Stephen S., Henry H., and John M. Jackson. All born close to the ages of their own little girls.
Sarah Jane’s sister Elizabeth married Michael Sowders and had William R. Sowders born in 1856. Her younger sister Susan Arnold married Cassin Clark and had Martha Clark. Sarah Jane’s brother Larkin Arnold and his wife Mary had William J., George W., James R., Matilda S., and Martha before 1880. James Arnold, Sarah Jane’s brother married Rosa E. in 1779 and had Sarah B.; her brother William R. Arnold married Martha Cromer, they had Mary E. Arnold, Margaret J., Dora A., James, Sarah A., and Ida B. Arnold. Mrs. Nancy Cromer, Martha’s mother lived with them; her brother Nathan Arnold Jr., was still single, he may have married but I have no record of it.
After the death of there mother Minerva J. Ramsey Arnold in 1776 or 1777, he and his father, Nathan Arnold Sr. lived with sister Susan Clark and her husband. After the birth of Sarah Jane’s last baby Mira E. Arnold, she found life becoming more difficult, her husbands health was failing very fast, some days he could barley get around at all and his cough was becoming worse all the time. Tending to four children, and sick husband, and the many thousand of chores around the farm, trying to make a living on a small pension he got was no easy matter for a young woman. Good neighbors helped of course, as they always did, she mentioned some of them in records as Elizabeth Jones, Tempy Chaney, Mary Barlow, Cynhha Cash, and many more.
On June 15, 1875, eleven years after his discharge from the army, Stapey Holton died at his home of the disease he contracted during the time in the Army. Still in the prim to his life, thirty-one years old, leaving a young widow and four small children. Where Mr. Holton is buried in Bill Whitaker Cemetery across form Bethany Baptist Church in Pulaski Co, Kentucky. Sarah Jane Arnold Holton Hawk and her second husband Ephraim Miles Hawk are all buried in a row side by side.
As usual after the death of a partner, life must have been very hard for this young family. But I find no record of them ever being parted, both mother and daughters lived together. Shortly after her husband death Mrs. Holton applied for a widows pension, in Pulaski County, Ky., and received it. Starting on June 16, 1875to receive the sum of $8.00 per month until she re-married, and $2.00 for each little girl until they reached the age of 16 years.
One has no way of knowing what this family did, in the following months, but, on December 18,1875 which would indicate that this family has moved. Mrs. Holton signed a paper in Rock Castle Co, Ky, giving the exact ages of her children, also sworn affidavit of the attending women at the birth at the birth of these children. As she couldn’t write her name, she made her mark. Witnessed by W.P. Gibbon & Thomas W. Gibson.
As I mentioned earlier in this paper Ephriam Miles Hawk, enlisted in the Union Army and served the same time Mr. Holton did. When Mr. Hawk came home he was listed as a farmer living alone in 1870 in Burdine District of Pulaski County, Kentucky, age 30 years. On December 4,1876 Mrs. Sarah Jane Arnold Holton, widow of Stapey Holton, married Ephraim Miles Hawk--Born 1839, son of Gabriel Hawk and Martha Ashley Nevil. Gabriel and Martha Hawk were married in Pulaski Co., Kentucky on March 22, 1825. They were parents of Daniel Hawk (married Lucinda Waddle),James Schyler (married Jane),Rachel, Phoeba Jane (married John Bray),Ephriam Miles (married Sarah Arnold Holton),and Benjamin S. Hawk (married Jane Waddle) they were the parents of Sampson Hawk.
Sarah Arnold Holton Hawk it was now, went to live at Mr. Hawk’s home. On February 25, 1877 A.C. Sowders made application in Rock Castle Co., Kentucky Court to be declared the Legal Guardian of Martha B., Mary E., Minerva J. and Mira E. Holton, minor children of Stapey Holton, deceased giving Stapey’s name, rank, cereal number, and other army data. Saying their mother had remarried. He said he knew both the Holton’s, before their marriage and after, and knew the children were living with their mother, and he lived adjacent to them. He said they lived at Level Green Rock Castle Co., Ky. He was appointed legal guardian of the four children. Mary E. Holton & William Madison Whitaker; Minerva Jane Holton married Joseph Martin Harper; and Martha B. Holton married Lowery Harris all married on the same day in one ceremony. On looker said its was the one of the biggest wedding in Pulaski Co, Ky.

Listed on the census records as Mr.& Mrs. Hawk’s neighbors were Samuel Price and wife Malvina, James Arnold, Lewis Adams (Sarah Hawks brother), Elizabeth Ransone, Margaret Eldrige, Prior and Agnes Eaton, Isabelle Sowders, Aaron & Elizabeth Raney,& John and Mahala Woodall.
A daughter was born to Mr.& Mrs. Hawk names Nancy R. Hawk born October 18,1877 and died 9/29/1953 married John H. Harper B. 4/24/1876-2/27/1937 at Bullock Cemetery. (Dates input by Linda Cutter base of visit to cemetery.)
These Were the sons born to them Lee Ander (Lee) Hawk married Alice Price, James Frank Hawk, John Hawk, Virgil Hawk, Benjamin Sampson Hawk (married Sarah Ester Phelps). Benjamin was the father of Leonard Hawk whom married Ninna Mize and lived in Lebanon, Indiana.
It seems Sarah Hawk’s daughters lived with she and Mr. Hawk, and were well treated. By 1880 they were getting to be young ladies. On March 25,1886 Mary E. Holton married William Madison Whitaker, born 7 Apr 1866-Feb 8 1947. Mary E. Holton Whitaker died 12 Dec 1942 Burial: burial Bill Whitaker, across from Bethany Baptist Church, Pulaski County, Ky. William M. Whitaker was the son of Elisha Whitaker and Elizabeth Stogsdill. They married at the home of Ephriam Miles Hawk with William Price& Phoeba Holton as witnesses. They were marred by J. W. Ledbett.
They were the parent of:
I. Ollie Jane Whitaker b. June 9, 1888 married Elmer Taylor both died in Kankee, IL.
II. Elisha Morton Whitaker b. 10/1/1890 d. 3/14/1959, married Maranda Price b. 8/12/1891-Sept/29/1970 buried at Renfro Valley Cemetery Pulaski Co, Ky Info by visiting cemetery (Linda Privett Cutter).
III. Fred Whitaker April 7, 1982-1/25/1974 married Nancy Ada Whitis Roberts b. 11/7/1893-11/11/1985 buried at Bobbit Cemetery in Pulaski Co, Ky. (Linda Cutter Cem records)
IV. Johnny Alonzo Whitaker b. Oct 9, 1895 married Beatrice Woodall b. 5/4/1897 d. 7/12/1923 she is buried at Cedar Gap Cemetery Pulaski Co, Ky. His second wife was Velma Whitaker.
V. George F. Whitaker b. 7/26/1896 d. Greenwood, Indiana married Cora Woodall.
VI. James Walter Whitaker b. 5/31/1901-10 Apr 1984 married Pearl Burdine on May 26,1925. She was born 4/10/1907-11/6/1984 both at Bill Whitaker Cem, Bethany Baptist Church. Buried by her are her mother and father.
VII. Claude C. Whitaker 7/9/1903-5/23/1974 married Flora Z. Parkey 11/12/1908-5/6/1994 Pulaski Co, Ky at Bill Whitaker Cemetery. Below the house they lived in while they were living.
VIII. Robert Whitaker Jun 2 1907-March 25 1980 married Lillie B. Burdine 11/16/1907-Aug 15, 1937. Her second marriage was to James Hawk Aug 7, 1911-1936. All three buried in Bill Whitaker Cemetery, Pulaski Co, Ky across from Bethany Baptist Church.
Ephriam Miles Hawk was born 13 Sep 1837 and died March 9th 1921 in Pulaski Co, Ky, the sixth child of Gabriel and Martha Ashley Hawk, had at least 7 children five boys two girls; according to the dates from the census records they were:

I. Daniel Hawk b. 1826 married in Pulaski Co, Ky on July 29,1856, He married Lucinda Waddle, born 1839,daughter of Henry Waddle.
Parents of:
Larry Hawk b. 1852
Ephriam Miles Hawk b.1853
Clay Hawk b. 1854
Martin A. Hawk b. 1855 d.1856 of Croup
Margaret Hawk
II. Rachel Hawk
III. Phoeby Hawk b.1836 married John Bray b.1832.
Parents of: Mary K. Bray b. 1858
Sarah R. Bray b. b. 1855
Amanda C. Bray b. 1858
Eliza J. Bray b. 1860
Squire D. Bray b. 1863
Gordon Bray b. 1865
James H. Bray b. 1868
Nancy E. bray 1870
IV. James Schyler Hawk b. 1834 married Jane
Parents of: Nancy Hawk b. 1854 died 1856 age 2 years.
V. Ephriam Miles Hawk (married Sarah Arnold Holton),and
VI. Benjamin S. Hawk b. 1828 married Nov. 13, 1850 to Jane Waddle daughter of Henry Waddle and sister of Lucinda Waddle.
Parents of: Mariah Hawk b.1851
Stephen Hawk b.1857
Martha Hawk b. 1859
VII. Sampson Hawk b. 1835 married Tempy J. Simpson b.1858
Parents of: Martha Hawk married Asa G. Phelps
Mary A. Hawk 1878
Nancy Hawk 1879
Gabriel and Martha Ashley (Nevil) Hawk lived near the Rockcastle County line, next farm to James R. Holton and Martha Gowen/Goin Holton. I found more Hawks living in Rockcastle than Pulaski Co, Ky.
Ephriam Miles Hawk and Stapey Holton grew up on adjoining farms and its is safe to say they were playmates because they wore close to the same age. Martha (Gowen/Goin) Holton died in 1856 and Martha Ashley Hawk died near the same time. Where Gabriel Hawk lived after the death of his wife but the chidren were taken to homes of their older brothers. Daniel and Lucinda Hawk raised Sampson & Rachel Hawk, while Ephriam Miles & James Schlyer Hawk lived with Benjamin and Jane (Waddle) Hawk. In 1870, Gabriel Hawk lived with Sampson, and Rachel Hawk his daughter in Dallas district of Pulaski Co, Ky. Next to farm to John Roberts, Aaron Inabnitt, Sarah Eaton, Edward Brinkley, & Silas Harper. Gabriel Hawk was then 67 years old. In 1870, Ephriam Miles Hawk, is living alone on a farm in Dallas neighborhood near John M. Woodall, Samuel Price, and John R. Whitaker after serving time in the Union Army from Kentucky.
There is not much more to this little story of the Holton’s and Hawk families. James R. Holton the last records I found of him was living with his son-in-law, James Jackson and Elmira Holton Jackson, and was crippled with Rheumatism very badly. When he died I do not know. Most of this information was found in the Library of Frankfort, KY, the Court House of Pulaski Co, Ky, and the Federal Census Report researched by Alma Whitis. Also some by Linda Cutter based on visiting the cemeteries of which these people are buried during October 2004.
Alan Whitis
March 1967

The Arnold Family In Pulaski County Is An Old Family…
The first Arnold’s there was, Peter Arnold in 1799, listed on the tax records when the county was only one year old, listed 100 acres on Fishing Creek in Pulaski County, Kentucky.
William Arnold, born 1797, Farmer & James Arnold born 1785 were one of the oldest Arnolds I have found. Since the Arnold family is cross connected with the Whitaker family in so many ways, I will try to give you a few records as I have found them.

William Arnold, b. 1787 in Tennessee. Death ? Son of ? Lived on what appeared to be Line Creek in Pulaski Co, Ky in 1860. Married Anna Storm, born 1825 many years younger than her husband.
Parents of:
1. Rachel Arnold, born 1842
2. Sarah Arnold, born 1845
3. Alexander Arnold, born 1846
4. Elvira Arnold, born 1848
5. James Arnold, born 1850
6. Milton Arnold, born 1854, Laurel Co, Kentucky
7. Mary Arnold, born 1856
8. Matilda Arnold, born 1860

Children by William Arnold and Another Women:
1. Andrew Arnold, born 1814 farmer
2. Nathan Arnold, born 1820
3. Larkin Arnold, 1825
First wife was unknown.

Andrew or Andy Arnold was born 1814 was married to Cynthia________ born 1822.
Parents of:
1. Deliah Arnold, born 1842
2. William Arnold, born 1844
3. Rachel Arnold, born 1846
4. Emeline Arnold, born 1845
5. Sidney Arnold, 1848
6. James Arnold, born 1849
7. John Arnold, born 1852
8. Nathan Arnold, born 1854
9. Sarah Arnold, born 1859

Nathan Arnold was born 1820 in Kentucky. He was a farmer, sometimes his name was given as Nathaniel. Lived on Line Creek, Pulaski Co, Kentucky. Married Minerva Ramsey born 1823 and died 1876 was the daughter of ?.
Parents of:
1. Elizabeth Arnold born 1840 married August 28, 1856 to Micheal Sowders.
2. Sarah Jane Arnold born 1845 married Stapey Holton son of James R. Holton & Martha Gowen/Goin. Her second marriage was to Ephriam Miles Hawk son of Gabriel Hawk & Martha Ashley Nevil.
3. Larkin Arnold born 1848 married Mary ?.
4. William R. Arnold born 1850 married Martha Cromer.
5. Martha Susan Arnold 1855 married Cassin Clark.
6. Nathaniel Arnold Jr. born 1857
7. James Arnold born 1869 married Rosa E. Inabnitt daughter of Lavisa Taylor and John Logan Inabnitt. Her step-father was Jackson Price son of Isreal Price and Elizabeth Burdine.
8. George Arnold

Linda Privett Cutter-February 2005
This paper was given to my Grandmother Flora (Parkey) Whitaker.
Nov 14, 2006 · Reply