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  • William 4.8%
  • John 4.2%
  • James 3.4%
  • Robert 2.7%
  • Mary 2.3%
  • George 1.8%
  • Charles 1.7%
  • Thomas 1.6%
  • Margaret 1.0%
  • Joseph 1.0%
  • Richard 0.9%
  • Elizabeth 0.9%
  • Edward 0.9%
  • Irwin 0.9%
  • David 0.7%
  • Henry 0.7%
  • Donald 0.6%
  • Helen 0.6%
  • Harry 0.6%
  • Frank 0.6%

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Rachel Irwin Hello everyone, this isnt really a story, but an attempt to find my long lost relatives. My father was born in the State of Michigan November 16th 1937, his birth name given is: William Wesley Irwin and me moved to Montreal or Toronto when he was about 17-18, which would have been in 1954-1955. I am really hoping to find out if I have relatives that are still alive, and if they can give me information as to the whereabouts of my grandparents resting place. Thank you for your time and if you know anything dont hesitate to leave me a message or an email @ [contact link]


Rachel Irwin
Mar 11, 2006 · Reply
Terri Irwin My family is from Sligo Ireland. Thomas Elmer Irwin was born in 1819 in Sligo, Ballymote, Ireland. He came to Bruce, Onterio Canada before 1866. His wife, Margaret Hargin, was born in 1848 in Bruce, Onterio Canada. They married in 1866 in Bruce, Onterio. I know they had their 2nd child, Susan, in 1867, in Warren County Illinois. They came across America in a covered wagon and settled in Gravity, Iowa about 1872. They had a son who must have died,at about age 6 who was the oldest as I can not find him in later census records. The other children of this marriage were , Ida, George, William, Jane and Robert (My great grandfather). Most of the family is buried in Gravity, Iowa. On January 16,1900, Robert married Iva Belle Richardson.
Benjamin Franklin Richardson was born in 1839 in Muscatine, Iowa. His family moved to Sigourney, Iowa when he was a child. He married Delilah (Lilah) Reynolds in the 1860's. They had four daughters, Mary, Catherine, Effie and Ida (DOB December 27, 1879). They moved to Gravity, Iowa before 1900.
Robert and Iva had six children. Evert, July 12,1900-January 12, 1901. Buried at Blue Ridge Cemetery, Gravity, Iowa. Margurite Lila, January 17,1906-March 15,2003. Buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheatridge,Colorado. Cecil Elmer, 1908-1987 Buried in Midland, Texas. Nell 1910-? (Lived in Oregon) Dean Franklin November 1, 1912-September 28,1999. Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheatridge, Colorado. Violet Alice 1914-1986. Buried in Tuscon, Arizona.
Aug 05, 2007 · Reply
Diane Irwin In around 1953, my dad frank david Irwin went to live in boston usa with his sisters. anita Irwin.Joy Irwin, and linda Irwin. to make a better life. but his mum and dad stayed in england, his dad george Irwin was dying of cancer so my dad Frank came home to Rugby warwickshire, but his great aunt who married a Irwin said if he went back there he would not be welcome back,of course he went back for his dad to say goodbye. this split up a loverly Irwin family, my dad FRANK HAS DIED NOW OF CANCER, I AM HIS DAUGHTER DIANE WHO LOVED HIM SO MUCH, MY WISH FOR MY DAD WAS TO SEE HIS SISTERS AGAIN, BUT ITS TO LATE, HIS WISH WAS FOR ME TO FIND THEN AND TELL THEM, I AM FRANKS DAUGHTER DIANE. MAYBE ONE DAY I WILL GO TO BOSTON AND TELL THEM YOU MISSOUT BECAUSE YOUR BROTHER WAS WONDERFUL, I HOPE ANITA AND JOY AND LINDA READ THIS ARTICLE, BUT THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE. THANK YOU FOR READING
Dec 23, 2007 · Reply
Joanne Irwin Hello everyone.My name is Joanne Irwin.My 9 other brothers and sisters would love to know who we are.My father was born in Belfast Ireland 1904 or 1905 to a Mary Compton.As a baby or young child he was sent to Canada with or without his mother or father.He only found out his birthday when he was 60 and it was december 25th we believe although he received 2 birth certificates,We know he probably grew up in an orphanage and ran away when he was between 10 and 15.If anyone has or knows anyone who would know anything we would love to hear from you.I have been on so many sites but I have to keep paying and I can't keep doing that.Thank you, Joanne Irwin
Nov 12, 2009 · Reply