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  • William 3.1%
  • James 3.0%
  • John 2.5%
  • Mary 1.9%
  • Robert 1.6%
  • Charles 1.5%
  • Thomas 1.0%
  • George 0.9%
  • Richard 0.6%
  • Frank 0.6%
  • Donald 0.6%
  • Joseph 0.6%
  • Ruth 0.6%
  • Margaret 0.5%
  • Paul 0.5%
  • Willie 0.5%
  • Dorothy 0.5%
  • Elizabeth 0.5%
  • Howard 0.5%
  • Edward 0.5%

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Ricky Dent Register for Daniel Jarrell

First Generation

1. Daniel Jarrell was born on Dec 17 1746 in Culpeper County Virginia. He died on Jan 10 1804 in Indian Creek Monroe County Virginia.

Daniel Jarrell's will is found in Monroe Co., Virginia Will Book
1, pages 39-40.

In the Name of God Amen, I Daniel Jarrell,
of the county of Monroe, a
State of Virginia, Being sick and
weak in Body, But of sound Mind Memory
understanding, do Make this my last will and tstament, in
and form following (to wit) first of all I recommend
my soul to God, who give
it, my Body to the grave, to be
Buried in a decent Manner also, it is my desire,
at my
Decease, that one tract of land of Mine lying on the waters of
indian Creek
Near the land of Adam Mann, which contains
two hundred and eighty acres, shall
be sold, and the Money
Rising there from to be equally divided mong the whole
my Children, and my wife Mary to have a part, equal to one
of them, it is also
my desire, that my wife Mary shall have
the third part of the whole of my land
lying on indian Creek
and Bradshaws Run, where I now live, her life, and at
decease, the same, to be equally divided among the
whole of my children. it is
further my desire that my wife
shall have my four slaves, her life, or widowhood,
Milly, Dine, Castly and Ester - and after that, the same, and
increase, if any,
to be equally divided among my children -
I also give to my wife, one mare and
colt, I also give to my
wife a part of my cattle kine, that is, She is to make
of three - and then the whole of my children together
with the increase - and as
to my sheep and hogs, I wish
them to continue with my wife, to be disposed with, for

family are - and as for the whole of my household furniture,
and other utensils, is
to be my wifes her life, and after, to
be equally divided among my children, it is
also my desire,
that my just and lawfull Debts, to be paid out of the Money
from the sale of the first land Mentioned, and also
certain Bonds that has been
heretofore executed by my son
Gibson; for the lands I have now in possession -
and I
hereby appoint James Ellison Senior and William Brown, Matt
Farley -
executors to this my will, and I hereby evoke, all
will or wills, heretofore by me
made - and acknowledge this
to be my last will and testament, as I have
hereunto set my
hand and seal this tenth day of January, eighteen
and four.

Daniel Jarrell, his seal (seal)

Nathan Milbourn
Richard Woodrum

At a court
held for the county of Monroe at the Court
House on the
21st of February 1804
The last will and testament of Daniel
Jarrell Deceased
was produced by the oath of Nathan

witnesses thereunto and ordered that a Summons
injoin, for the other witnesses, as also,
for the executors
therin named, to further prove the same & to take upon them
thefunction of the administration thereof.

At a court
continued and held for Monroe County the 18th Day of April
On Motion of Gibson Jarrell, Elijah Jarrell and John
AHarvey, who made oath according to law, have is granted
to adminster the goods & Chattles of Daniel Jarrell
Deceased, with the Will Anexed
whereupon they together
with William Graham, Henry McDaniel, David Graham
William McDaniel, Entered into and executed Bond under the
of three thousand dollars for their due execution of
the said Decedants estate
and performance of his will.
John Hutchison, Clk

Daniel married Mary Terry daughter of Uriah Terry and Abigail Cleveland on Feb 7 1770 in Culpeper County Virginia. Mary was born in 1750 in Culpeper County Virginia. She died on Nov 18 1820 in Indian Creek Monroe County Virginia.

She was from the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Daniel and Mary had the following children:

i. Gibson Garland Jarrell was born on Jun 11 1772. He died on Nov 1 1862.

ii. Elijah Gore Jarrell was born on Jun 10 1774. He died in May 1860.

iii. Simeon Jarrell was born on Jul 4 1776. He died in 1836.

iv. Louisa Tomsey Jarrell was born in 1778.

v. Lemuel Coffee Jarrell was born on Feb 5 1780. He died on Aug 25 1858.

vi. Samuel Jarrell was born in 1781 in Culpeper County Virginia.
Samuel married Nancy Haney on Sep 3 1804 in Virginia.

vii. John Jarrell was born in 1782. He died on Oct 22 1876.

viii. Katherine Jarrell was born in 1783 in Culpeper County Virginia.
Katherine married James Browder on Sep 3 1804 in Monroe County Virginia.

ix. William Jarrell was born on Jun 12 1784 in Monroe County Virginia. He died on May 27 1854 in Raleigh County Virginia.
William married Mildred Ballard .
Mar 30, 2007 · Reply
C Jarrell The Jarrell family orginated from Holland and then Migrated into Scotland and from there to Ireland in the great movement. Some stayed there and mixed with some of the Irish and some of the family members migrated to America settling in Eastern Virginia. The great migration of the Scoth-Irish to America took place between the years of 1700-1760. The earliest mention of the Jarrell family is with John (The Immigrant) Fitz Jarrell who was born before 1670 in Holland and died in Northumberland County, Virginia. I do not know who he married but he was the first into America. John's son William was born abt. 1685 in Madison County, Virginia and died abt. 1750 in Virginia. I am not sure who he married. William's son was James Fitz Jarrell Sr. born in 1732. James and his son Daniel born Dec. 17, 1746 in Culpepper County, Virginia moved into Monroe County, Virginia and made this their homeplace. James Jarrell Sr's. brother Solomon Jarrell was a Revolutionary War soldier, and war records of the U.S. Pension Office show he was born in 1732. The line my family descends from is through John to William to James Sr. to Daniel who was born in 1746 in Virginia and married Mary Davis (a full-blood Cherokee) in 1770; he owned a considerable amount of property including four slaves, on Indian Creek in Monroe County West Virginia. Then Elijah who was born in 1774 in Virginia married Nancy Agnes Dick March 3, 1804 in Virginia. He died May 1860 in West Virginia. Their son was Daniel Jarrell who was born in 1806 and he married Hannah Workman in Virginia and died in 1886 in West Virginia. Daniel and Hannah's son was Victor D. Jarrell born June 20, 1846 and married Letha Green who was a full-blood Cherokee Indian, Victor died December 10, 1926 in West Virginia. Victor served in the Cival War and was considered to be quiet a Rebel. Victor and Letha had a son named James Corbet who married Lilly Jarrell and they had seven sons with ours being Eldridge Jarrell who was born in 16 January 1922 and died 26 January 1976 in Texas. His spouse is still living.
Daniel Jarrell was born 1746; the progenitor of the Jarrell families of Boone County, West Virginia; was the son of James Fitz Jarrell and Elizabeth Jarrell. Daniel married Mary Davis who was born about 1750 and was beleived to be full-blood Cherokee. They settled in the part of Culpepper County, Virginia, that became Madison County in 1792-93, on fifty acres of land purchased from Blaine Ballard. They lived there until June 16, 1786 when they sold their land to Benjamil Quinn and moved their family to what is now Monroe County, WestVirginia; and settled on280 acres of land on Indian Creek, abtained from Benjamin Harvey.
Daniel died in 1804 in Monroe County and is thought to have been buried near his home place on Indian Creek. His widow Mary died some time after the census enumerations of 1810, at which time she shown as the head of a household. Her son John, who was the last of her children to marry, is living in the household with her. Also in the household is Mary, her youngest child. Daniel and Mary had the following children:

Gibson Jarrell, born 1773, died 1 November 1862; married Sarah Pettry who was born about 1780, died 29 December 1861.

Elijah Jarrell, born 1774, died in May 1860; married 15 March 1801 in Monroe County to (Nancy) Agnes Dick.

Simeon Jarrell, born about 1775, died about 1836; married Elizabeth Miller.

A daughter born about 1777 who married John Harvey.

Tomsey Jarrell, born 1778, died after 1850; married Robert Gore in Monroe County.

Lemuel Jarrell, born 5 February 1780, died 25 August 1858; married Elizabeth Farley in Monroe County, 3 September 1804.

John Jarrell, born 1782, died 22 October 1876; married Nancy Brown 27 December 1819 in Monroe County.

Katherine "Katy" Jarrell, born about 1783; married James Browder 3 September 1804 in Monroe County.

William Jarrell, born 1784; married Mildred Ballard.

Mary Jarrell, born 1795, married William Humphrey.

Gibson Jarrell the oldest child was born 1773, was a 220 pound man who towered six feet, nine inches and was considered to be the champion fighter of Monroe County. In a match at Peterstown, Virginia, he fought Tom Cooke of Giles County, Virginia, for the chanpionship. Tom supposedly won the fight, but this was disputed by later generatiions of the Jarrell family.

Elijah Jarrell, the son of Daniel and Mary Davis Jarrell, was born in the part of Culpepper County, Virginia, that later became Madison County; born in 1774, he was still a young lad when the family moved to Monroe County and settled on Indian Creek. He grew up on his fathers farm and on March 15, 1801 married Agnes Dick, daughter of David Dick. Later records show the the name of his wife was Nancy Agnes. Elijah made his home on Indian Creek near his aging parents, probably in order to help them withthe farm. His father died in 1804 and Elijah was named by the court to help Gibson and their brother-in-law, John Harvey, adminster his goods and chattels. Between 1815-1820, Elijah moved his family to Boone County and setteled on Pond Fork of Little Coal River above the present town of Bim. He lived there until his death in May 1860 of tuberculosis. Not all of his children remained in Boone County, but of the ones who stayed, there were many descendants. Elijah and Agnus' children were:

Daniel Jarrell, 1806 in Monroe County, died 1886 in Boone County; married twice first time to Hannah Workman born 1814 daughter of James and Hannah Workman. Daniel and Hannah had at least ten children but not all have been identified. Second wife was Letha Harless, born abt. 1842.

Simeon Jarrell, born abt. 1807; married Virginia White.

Benjamin Jarrell, born abt. 1815.

Elizabeth Jarrell, born abt. 1817.

A daughter, born between 1815 and 1820, who has not been identified.

John Jarrell, born 1820.

A daughter, born between 1820 and 1825.

Elijah Jarrell, Jr., born 1824.

William Jarrell, born 1825; married Phoebe Workman.

Polly Jarrell, born about 1827.

Daniel born abt. 1806 in Monroe County, died 1886 in Boone County; married twice first time to Hannah Workman born 1814, died 1870, the daughter of James and Nancy Hanna Hewitt Workman. Daniel and Hannah had at least ten children but not all have been identified. Second wife was Letha Harless, born abt. 1842. Daniel and Hannah's children were:

Eliza D. Jarrell, born 1834 in Logan County, Virginia;died after 1913 in Boone County, married Bejamin Green son of George and Jane Scott Green; second marriage Dr. W.F. Horne, born abt. 1847.

Anthony Jarrell, born 1836; married Emmaline Mitchell, born abt. 1845, daughter of Jordon and Isobel Mitchell. They had five or more children.

Overton Jarrell, born 1840, married Minerva Green, born 1843 and the daughter of George and Jane Scott Green.

Emmaline Jarrell, born `1843 in Logan County, married Watson Green, born 1840,the son of George and Jane Scott Green. They had at least six children.

Victor D. Jarrell, Born 1847 in Virginia; married Letha Green who was born 1847 and the daughter of George and Jane Scott Green. They were the parents of eleven or twelve children.

Tolbert Jarrell, born 19 November 1854, died 13 January 1944; married in 1874 to Matilda Peters, born 27 December 1853, daughter of James and Elizabeth White Peters. They were the parents of at least four children.

Following Hannah's death in the 1860's Daniel Jarrell was married a second time in 1870 in Boone County to Letha Harless, born 1842,with whom he had an issue. Their child was:

Willie "Little Willie" Jarrell born abt. 1875; he married Stella Coon White and had four children.

Victor D. Jarrell , Born 1847 in Virginia; on 28 November 1865 he married Letha Green who was born 1847 and the daughter of George and Virginia Jane Scott Green. She died in 1930 in West Virginia. They were the parents of eleven or twelve children. The children were:

Emil Jarrell, born 1867 in Crook Dist., Boone County, West Virginia.

Benjamin Jarrell, born 1869 in Crook Dist., Boone County. He married Sarah Eva Workman.

Crockett Jarrell, born November 1871 in Crook Dist., Boone County. He married Chloe Workman.

Ollie Mae Jarrell, Born 15 November 1872 in Boone County. She died 14 December 1962 and she was married to Leander Cook and second time to Andrew J. Gunnoe.

"Minnie" Leoda Jarrell born 1875 in Wharton, Boone County, West Virginia. She married Wilson White.

William Smith Jarell born September 1877 in Crook Dist., Boone County. He married Dora White

Ida (Maude) Jarrell born November 1884 in Crook Dist., Boone County, West Virginia.

Quindora (Blossie)Jarrell, born September 1885 in Pond Fork, Boone County, West Virginia and married Jim Vance.

Mizatte (Mirtie) Jarrell, born July 1887 in Pond Fork, Boone County and married Frank Perry.

Ora Jarrell, born September 1890 in Pond Fork, Boone County, West Virginia. She married Elbert White.

The line my family is from is James Corbett Jarrell who married Lillian Jarrell. James was born 1 October 1893 in Pond Fork, Boone County, West Virginia. He died 26 July 1970 in Bald Knob, Boone County, West Virginia. He married Lillian Jarrell who was born 24 September 1895 in West Virginia and died 13 October 1978 in Bald Knob, Boone County, West Virginia. Her father was George Washington Jarrell and her mother was Mary Frances Green. Their children were:

Boyd Carmel Jarrell, born 1 March 1914 and died 20 November 1977 in West Virginia. He was married to Ethel White.

Hansford Hays Jarrell, born 15 October 1914 in West Virginia, died 23 December 1980 in West Virginia and was married to Velma Vickers and second to Mary Smith.

Alfred Victor Jarrell, born 31 July 1919 in West Virginia and died 24 November 1980 in Ocala, Florida. He was married to Naomi Craddock of Boone County, West Virginia.

Eldridge Jarrell, (my family) was born 16 January 1922 in West Virginia and died 26 January 1976 in Texas. Spouse still living.

James Ghokey Jarrell, born 17 April 1924 in West Virginia and died 13 November 1990 in West Virginia.

Franklin Delano Jarrell born 7 November 1932 In West Virginia and died 2006 in Texas and is buried in the National Cemetary in Dallas, Texas. Spouse still living.

Winford B. (Jay) Jarrell, born in West Virginia 11 June 1935 and died 25 May 1995 in Charleston, West Virginia.

I will submit more later on the families I missed.
Jun 11, 2007 · Reply
Gloria Jarrell My father said he used to go and visit his cousins in WVA . He and his half brother Thomas Ferguson used to hop the freight trains and go visit.
I believe that dad whose name was Wesley Overton Jarrell , Elam Overton Jarrell his father, Samuel Jarrell and Martha Underwood Elam's mother and father, Joseph Jarrell and Elizabeth Martin? Samuel father.
I have not been able to prove that Joseph Jarrell was connected to Daniel Jarrell and Hannah Workman but all of it fits. Since they had a son named Overton and there is also a Wesely in that family.
My mother and sister told me that Dad and Tom used to visit in WVA at Indian Creek ,WVa.
Is there anyone out there that can connect this family . Joseph Jarrell born abt 1829 in Franklin Co. VA. died in the Civil War in 1863 and is buried at Blandford Cem. in Petersburg,VA.
I have his Civil War records but it gives no date of birth , nor father or mother.
Please if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance . Gloria Jarrell
Oct 07, 2009 · Reply
Gladys Gardner I am researching the family of William F. and Mary Ann Chandler. William was born around 1796 in Virginia and died Sept 7, 1888. His wife Mary Ann Chandler was born about 1813 and died around 1899 in Otway, Scioto County, Ohio.
Apr 26, 2010 · Reply