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HansJ. Krug My Krug family goes back to about 1300. They lived in the Federal State of Brandenburg, which is around the capital city of Berlin. They were farmers and had huge property. They used to to join the Army if there were too many brothers to take on the farming. Some retired earlier and went back to farming. My Grandfather died in 1901 on his farm north of Berlin as a retired Captain in the Emperial Guard Cavalry. My father - there were 15 children in the family, 11 girls and 4 boys - became a cadet in the Cadet Corps of the Prussian Army. He was commissioned in 1914 in the Engeneers Corps and fought all thru WWI. His career ended in 1945 as Full Colonel. He died in 1972. I joined the Army in 1943 and was commissioned in 1944 in the Artillery as a second Ltn.
After training in Fort Sill/Okla I was Battery Co. Btn Co. and after General Staff Training in The Military Intelligence, working for DIA and the Defense Language Institute. I retired as aFull Colonel in 1984 and later worked for a British Security Co.
Apr 16, 2003 · Reply