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Kyria Baker Edward Spencer New (b. April 19, 1830 in Gallatin Co. KY) married Mary Catherine Peterson (b. Dec. 15, 1838 in Illinois) in 1853. Edward died Jan. 4, 1922 in Iredell, TX. Mary died Aug. 6, 1907 in Texas. See Edward's military story filed elsewhere.

Edward & Mary's son, Franklin David New was born Feb. 16, 1871 (Bosque County, TX), married Abbie Elizabeth Womack on Nov. 9, 1892, and died June 8, 1961 (Hamilton County, TX). Abbie was born in 1871 (Bosque County, TX) and died Sep. 16, 1965 (Hico, TX).

Frank & Abbie's son, James Virgil New (J.V.) was born June 7, 1894 in Morgan, TX. Married Ethel Irene Polk on Dec. 10, 1914, and died March 24, 1969 in Hico, TX. Ethel was born Dec. 16, 1890 in Cameron, TX and died July 19, 1984 in Hico, TX. They were my great-grandparents, Daddy Virgil and Mama Ethel.

Their son, Clyde Wayne New was born on Aug. 11, 1918 in Bosque Co., TX. He married Lillian Ruth Barker on Dec. 23, 1944 in Detroit, MI. They lived most of their lives in Corpus Christi, TX. Clyde died Sept. 19, 2002 in Hico, TX. Ruth died Jan. 2008 in Corpus Christi, TX. They were my paternal grandparents. Their children are: Daniel D., Clyde Wayne Jr. (b. Sept. 8, 1947, d. July 16, 1966, at age 18. Accidentally run over by a truck.)Leah Ruth (b. Sept. 1, 1949), Marianna (b. July 16, 1954), and Lilli Beth (b. Sept. 26, ??). See Clyde's military story elsewhere.

Clyde & Ruth's son, Daniel D. New was born Oct. 22, 1945 in Levelland, TX, married Suzanne Ilene Healy on May 29, 1965 in Rio Bravo, Mexico. Suzanne was born Jan. 30, 1945 in Tennessee. They are my parents. I am their oldest, Kyria Rae New Baker, b. Mar. 27, 1967. They also have Anna Rebecca (b. Nov. 10, 1969), Amelia Rachel (b. July 14, 1971), Michael Garrett Healy New (b. Feb. 17, 1973), William Gabriel (b. Dec. 25, 1975), Halcyon Ruth (b. Dec. 7, 1977) and Douglas Gamaliel (Calvin) (b. Oct. 10, 1986, adopted in the Philippines).
Jan 01, 2010 · Reply
Kyria Baker I don't have much, but here it is:
Clyde Wayne New enlisted in the USMC on Jan. 28, 1942 at age 23. He trained in San Diego. He learned Communications. He was in the 22 Regular Fleet Marine Force, company 14. Transferred to Philadelphia. Was promoted from PFC to Corporal. Served in Western Samoa from July 1942 to March 1943 and served in American Samoa. He was discharged on Feb. 22, 1945.
Jan 01, 2010 · Reply
Kyria Baker Edward Spencer New was in the Texas Cavalry, Buford's 19th Regiment. He reported to Camp Stonewall Jackson, Headquarters for the 19th Reg. Tex. Cav., Dallas County, on June 23, 1862. His company was CSA Company A. He saw action in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and one raid up into Missouri. He was never wounded or captured.
Jan 01, 2010 · Reply