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Ann Green My name is Nathaniel Odom and I was born in 1842 in the great state of Alabama. When I was still in my teens I moved with my sister Harriett Odom Culver and her family to Claiborn Parish La. I joined the 12th La. Inf. in the spring of 1861.
The camp was called Camp Moore and was located near Tangipahoa, La. We had only been in camp for a short time when it was struck by an epidemic of measles and it was later said that about 600 or so died without ever getting a chance to fight for the South. After training we crossed the Mississippi River to participate in the Battle of Belmont. We spent the winter at Grenada, Holly Springs and Canton. In early Feb 1863 we were at Port Hudson and was witness to the Union Naval attack in March. In Early Apr 1863 we left to join the Army of Tennessee but were turned around at Atlanta, Ga to return to Miss. to intercept Col. Benjamin Grierson's UInion Cavalry. Wile we served in other engagements we were one of the regiments cut off from the main part of the Vicksburg Garrison at the Battle of Champion Hill were I was wounded and left on the battlefield. I wound up at Vicksburg and was given my parole on 6 July 1863. After exchange I later joined the 1st Ark. Inf. and again entered the war with the Trans Mississippi attachment. I mustered out in Aug. 1864. I signed my Oath back to the USA in La., parish of claiborne on Oct 15, 1868. I moved my family to Texas in 1876 and am buried in Rock Hill Cemetery in Redwater. I now have a marker stating I served in the Civil War at my grave. My wife, Mary Ann Elizabeth (Shaw)Odom is buried next to me along with one son and several of my grandchildren. Redwater,Bowie County,Texas became my home after serving in the Civil War.
Jan 21, 2011 · Reply