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Orth Surname History

First found in Wertheim, Main. WhereOrto of Mendfeld is recorded to have been living in 1260. Another early instance was dated back in 1271 ,When Thietrich am dem Orte was recorded as being a resident of basel

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Orth Meaning & Etymology

North Germany, orth is drived from th high German word "Ort" meaning "high point" the name was likely the first borne by someone livig at the end of a street or village

Orth Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

ort; orte; orto; ohrt; orthmann; ohrtmann; ordemann

Last names similar to Orth

Ortha, Orthaber, Orthacker, Orthaher, Orthal, Orthala, Orthamnn, Orthan, Orthank, Orthans, Orth architekturb├╝ro, Orth armin, Orthaus, Orthaus-echterhage, Orthaus-franke, Orthaus-hinkers, Orthavant, Ortha-verpoort, Orth-b├Ącht, Orthbandt