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Most Common First Names

  • Robert 3.3%
  • William 3.3%
  • John 3.1%
  • Thomas 2.6%
  • George 2.5%
  • James 2.1%
  • Mary 1.8%
  • Peel 1.6%
  • Charles 1.5%
  • Edward 1.1%
  • Henry 0.9%
  • David 0.8%
  • Joseph 0.7%
  • Margaret 0.7%
  • Frank 0.7%
  • Arthur 0.6%
  • Harold 0.6%
  • Harry 0.6%
  • Richard 0.6%
  • Samuel 0.6%

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Cassandra Lloyd Sir Robert Peel was for two different terms ,Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.He also was responsible for the creation of the Bobbies(police) and Scotland yard.He was forefront in the Orange laws of Ireland(Peelers).He was also known for repealling the(English) Cornlaws.Sir Robert Peel had a son who also was named Sir Robert Peel, a statesman of England as well as an owner of a very large textiles company as well as landowner of 9900acres of property in Staffordshire,Warwickshire,and Lancashire which he rented out.Robert belonged to the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Bath.He was born in 1867(4th baronet).
Nov 06, 2007 · Reply