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Savitt Surname History

The Savitt/Savitzky surname belongs chiefly to Jews of East European heritage. Savitt maybe also be a shortened version of other similar East European Jewish surnames names. It was common practice for Jews who emigrated from Europe to the US to "Americanize" their last names. Savitt is a common Americanized version of Savitzky and its varients. The different spellings of Savitzky are do to the fact that the named was written in Yiddish which uses the Hebrew alphabet. The transliteration to the English alphabet created the various spellings.

The Savitt surname is a shortened version of the name Savitzky (also spelled Savitsky, Sawitzky, Sawitsky) other varients of the name are Savit, Savitz, Savits. This name is found chiefly with East European Jews. It is derived from the Polish name of Sawiczky (Sawicky). This name means "son of Sawa". Sawa is a town in Poland that lies 31km (19 miles) southeast of the city of Krakow. Other versions of Sawa (Sawic, Sawicz, Sawica, Sawicze). Sawa comes from the Aramaic word for "old man".

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Savitt Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Although the name comes from a Polish city, people with the name Savitzky (and its varients) were found all over Eastern Europe. Jewish

Savitt Meaning & Etymology

Savitzky (and its varients) means someone from the city of Sawa, Poland. It literally means "Son of Sawa". Sawa is the Aramaic word for an old man. A common name in Israel today is Shavit. Shavit means shooting star.

Savitt Life Expectancy

According to our database of 230 people with the last name Savitt that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Most Common Savitt First Names

According to our database of 271 people with the last name Savitt that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Morris 4.1%
  • Harold 3.3%
  • Rose 2.2%
  • Robert 2.2%
  • Louis 2.2%
  • David 2.2%
  • Jack 2.2%
  • Max 1.8%
  • Arthur 1.8%
  • Mildred 1.5%
  • Florence 1.5%
  • Dorothy 1.1%
  • Lillian 1.1%
  • Marjorie 1.1%
  • Frank 1.1%
  • Harry 1.1%
  • Ida 1.1%
  • Anna 1.1%
  • Nicholas 1.1%
  • Mary 1.1%
  • Alfred 0.7%
  • Betty 0.7%
  • Sylvia 0.7%
  • George 0.7%
  • Benjamin 0.7%
  • Leonard 0.7%
  • Sol 0.7%
  • Samuel 0.7%
  • Fannie 0.7%
  • Saul 0.7%
  • Sidney 0.7%
  • Evelyn 0.7%
  • Anne 0.7%
  • Arnold 0.7%
  • Lucy 0.7%
  • Ann 0.7%
  • Frances 0.7%
  • Maurice 0.7%
  • Esther 0.7%
  • Sybil 0.7%
  • Herbert 0.7%
  • Sylvester 0.7%
  • Albert 0.7%
  • Sy 0.7%
  • Irving 0.7%
  • Ralph 0.7%
  • Richard 0.7%
  • Abraham 0.7%
  • Clara 0.7%
  • Natalie 0.7%

Savitt Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Last names similar to Savitt

Savitteri, Savittiere, Savittieri, Savitto, Savitts, Savitus, Savity, Savitz, Savitzakaya, Savitzby, Savitzcky, Savitzka, Savitzkaya, Savitzke, Savitzkee, Savitzki, Savitzkie, Savitzky, Savitzry, Savitzski

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