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Seibert Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Germany, Poland

Seibert Meaning & Etymology

The German personal name "Seibert" is derived from one of three related "battle names", which were originally spelled "Siegfried", "Siegbert", and "Sigismund"; translating as "Victory-Peace", "Victory-Bright", and "Victory-Strength". "Seibert", originally spelled "Siegbert", means "Victory-Bright", taken from the combination of two root words "sigi" & "berht". Used as a last name it is specifically Ashkenazi Jewish (by adopting the German personal name as a surname) and is often a variant spelling of "Seifert" which is used as a Jewish acronym for "Sefer Torah"(Scroll or Scribe of the Torah). I also suspect the Seibert/Seifert name may have something to do with the kabbalistic Sephirot, as well. The name "Seifert", originally spelt "Siegfried", translates from the German as "sigi-fridu", or "Victory-Peace". The Seibert family sheild depicts a background azure, two Stars of David argent in the upper corners, and a chevron argent in the base. Heraldry books describe the six-pointed stars as "emblems of God", and the chevron is a symbol for "those who served under the roof of a house". The heraldic color silver depicts "purity", "sincerity", "the moon". The color blue depicts "royalty", "peace", "heavenly ascent". An early heraldic motto discovered for the Seibert family name is: "A mountain of strength rising above the sea, unwavering and unyeilding"

Seibert Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Seibert, Siebert, Sigisbert, Ebert, Eber, Seifert, Sibert, Seybert, Zeibert, Sigebert, Sigeberht

Last names similar to Seibert

Seibert Dit Bouis Seiberth Seibertleroy Seibertmichael Seibert Nuccio Seibert Otto Seibertrandy Seibertrobert Seiberts Seibertshäuser Seibertslohner Seibert Von Mengersen Seibertweston Seiberty Seibertz Seiberw Seiberz Seibes Seibesk Seibet

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Muriel Seibert Israel Seibert Florence Seibert Mike Seibert Fred Seibert Wolfgang Seibert

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