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John Lemley My great grandparents, Frank and Isabelle Watson Sterling, were early pioneers to Washington Territory. They had five children: Isabelle, Ella, Lillie, Loren and Margretta (my grandmother who was born Jan 10, 1887 near Cheney, WA). In 1889 Isabelle loaded up the children and left Frank. She went to her parent's in Detroit, MI. Three years later, when grandma was only five, she was asked to testify against her father in court. She couldn't say anything against her Daddy. She still got tears in her eyes when telling the story when she was almost 100 years old. Isabelle and the children built their own life in eastern Washington, scarred by a broken home. Frank saw my grandmother a few times after she grew up and got married to my grandpa, George William Lemley in 1909 in Seattle, WA.
Nov 28, 2006 · Reply