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Beth Pearce Chas. G. Montgomery Co. I. 142nd Inf. Camp Bowie, Tex.

Goodlett, Tex. April 29, 1918 Mr. Chas Montgomery Camp Bowie

Dear????? With great pleasure I will answer your most kind and appreciated
letter which came to hand today. Was sure glad to hear form you. How are
you? By this time fine I guess and enjoying the best of life. This
leaves me all ok and still ???? every day and you know I am just about as
big as I use to be and when I get our ?????? I think I will be just about
the limit and it is still ????? ???? here and you know I enjoy that kind of
????? very much.

Say I went out to Lazre to the ball game last Saturday and Blime me they
sure did play ball and eat ice cream. Say old man you had better hurry up
or you will get left. Your old girl is going to get married the first so
they say. I guess you know who I am talking about. It is Miss E. N. Her
and one of the Taylor boys. I sure am sorry for you but I can't help you
any this time. Yous said you made a today's hike. How far is it from the
camp to Lake Worth? I am sure you had a nice time. I would sure like to
come down there and stay two or three days but I don't guess I can.

Say I am going another fishing tomorrow and if I catch any I will eat enough
for you and me to. Say old man there are sure giting bad around Goodlett.
They had a fight over their yesterday. One of them was over here a little
while ago and he sure had a black spot on him and blue too. I am giting
scared to go over there. I guess you will have to come back and help me
straighten things out. You ought to be in good practice by this time. So I
will close for this time ???.

Answer soon and tell all you know from the same old boy. As ever, L. L.
Wakefield, Goodlett, Tex.
Jul 25, 2009 · Reply