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Most Common First Names

  • George 1.1%
  • William 1.0%
  • Wing 1.0%
  • James 0.9%
  • Henry 0.8%
  • Wai 0.7%
  • Harry 0.7%
  • Kam 0.7%
  • Edward 0.6%
  • John 0.6%
  • Lee 0.6%
  • Robert 0.6%
  • Ah 0.6%
  • Richard 0.5%
  • Mary 0.5%
  • David 0.5%
  • Albert 0.5%
  • Kim 0.5%
  • Yuk 0.5%
  • Frank 0.5%

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Keahi Keahi I have always been intrigued by the migration of families. How one dream was replaced by another and so on until it ended up here with me.

My greatgrandfather (my fathers, father, father) was a chinese immigrant named "Wong Sing", he landed in Kauai and married my greatgrandmother whose name was "Helen Iliwaalani". Together they had my grandfather "Phillip Sing Wong" and a daughter named "Carie Wong", they lived in Hanapepe or Waimea Kauai and somehow Phillip and Carie ended up in Papakolea, Aneaneku (spelling?) on Oahu. My grandfather married my grandmother whose name was "Carie Kekela" and his sister married a man named Walter or Henry Palenapa. My grandfather and his family moved to Nanakuli where our family still resides and his sister Carie remained in Papakolea with her family.

From what I've heard about my grandmother Carie Kekela, she was born to Mary Ahoi, my greatgrandmother. According to my memory of what I've told by my late nakupuna, My Greatgrandmother Mary Ahoi was married to a David Kauhi 1906, who died when Mary was pregnant and before Carie was born, Mary got remarried 1910 to James Kekela III who raised her like his own daughter. Phillip and Carie's first born was a son (my father) who was (in the old custom way) raised by his grandfather James Kekela III. My father's name also was James Kekela and he married Hattie Kananimauloa Grace, who was originally from the big island, they had me James Kekela Jr. but later when I was about 3yrs old my father changed both our names to David Wong Sr. & Jr. My name has been changed twice since then by a church that our family was very much involved with and now my name is Joseph E. Wong. Anywayz, my family and I are still living in Nanakuli.
UPDATE: My family and I are now moving to Hilo (8/15/09) where my Dad was raised and I hope to one day meet those that raised him or even meet the children of those that raise him. I have a deep sense that I belong in Hilo and hopes for a brighter future thoroughly ingulfs me.
Jun 27, 2009 · Reply