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People named John Done

John Done
Born: around 1938 Died: Mar 12, 1941
John Done
Born: around 1550 in UK Died: Mar 24, 1599 in UK
John Done, 1421
Born: around 1421 in Utkinton, City of Chester and West Cheshire , England Died: 1459 in Heath, Derbyshire, , England
John I Done
Born: around 1352 in Utkinton, Cheshire, England Died: 1441 in Utikinton,,Cheshire,England
John Done, 1390
Born: around 1390 in Utkinton, Cheshire, , England Died: 1460 in killed at the battle of Blore heath
John Done
Born: around 1443 in Utkinton, X-England Died: 1505 in Vale Royal, Cheshire, North West, England
John Done
Born: around 1444 in Flaxyards, Cheshire, England Died: around 1466
John W Done
Born: Nov 29, 1918 Died: Oct 10, 1992
John William Done
Died: Jul 15, 1916
John Done
Born: Apr 15, 1914 Died: October 1976
John D Done
Born: around 1905
John W Done
Born: around 1918
John Done Done
Born: around 1450 in England