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George Valentine Borisuk 1928 - 2011

George Valentine Borisuk of Summit County, Ohio United States was born on February 14, 1928 in Rittman, Wayne County, and died at age 83 years old on October 9, 2011 in Copley, Summit County. George Borisuk was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery 100 E Waterloo Rd, in Akron.
George Valentine Borisuk

Summit County, Ohio United States

February 14, 1928
Rittman, Wayne County, Ohio, United States

October 9, 2011
Copley, Summit County, Ohio, 44321, United States

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George Valentine Borisuk's History: 1928 - 2011

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  • Introduction

    George Valentine Borisuk was born on February 14, 1928 (Valentine's Day) in Rittman, OH to parents Samuel Borisuk (1896-1964) and Mary B. Wolsky (1909-1997). He had a sister Helen Borisuk (1927-2005) and they grew up in Barberton, Summit, Ohio.

    When he was 16 years old, he joined the Merchant Marines and saw the Pacific which led him to then join the U.S. Army in 1946.

    He married his high school sweetheart Mildred Victoria "Millie" Weigand (1928–2009) on August 28, 1948 and had four children together.
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    February 14, 1928
    Rittman, Wayne County, Ohio United States
  • Ethnicity & Family History

    His father Samuel was born on August 15, 1896 in Poland and immigrated to the states in 1916. He passed away on February 24, 1964 in Akron, Summit Co. Ohio. His mother Mary was born on February 27, 1909 in Pennsylvania and she passed away on May 26, 1997 in Barberton, Ohio.
  • Nationality & Locations

    George was born in Rittman, Ohio and grew up in Barberton, Summit, Ohio. Later in life he resided in Akron, Ohio.
  • Early Life & Education

    At the time of his enlistment, he had completed two years of high school.
  • Religious Beliefs

    George will be remembered at St. Paul's Church where a metal sculpture hangs that he created depicting the life of St. Paul.
  • Military Service

    At age 16 he joined the Merchant Marines and saw the Pacific. He later registered for the draft on his birthday in 1946 in Summit County, Ohio. At the time, he called Barberton his residence and was employed by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. Standing at a height of 6 feet and weighing 209 pounds, George had a ruddy complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes. His next of kin was Mr. Sam Borisuk, his father. Shortly after his 18th birthday, on February 27, 1946, he enlisted as a Private in the United States Army. His service number was 15216168. Although the specific branch of the military he was assigned to is not mentioned, his dedication to his enlistment in the aftermath of World War II highlights his sense of duty.
  • Professional Career

    George worked as a pipefitter for Goodyear for 36 years and moved up the ranks to dept. foreman. In 1976 Goodyear sent him to S. Africa as a Master Mechanic for nine months.
  • Personal Life & Family

    He maximized his 26 years of retirement by embarking on numerous journeys across the states alongside his wife and their four children. They also ventured on tours in Europe and indulged in several Caribbean and Alaskan cruises. George showcased his musical talents by playing the accordion in multiple polka bands and gracing all the family Christmas gatherings with his music. He found solace in fishing at Mogadore Reservoir, accompanied by the melodies of polka tunes. In his garage workshop, he dedicated countless hours to tinkering and improving various things. Noteworthy among his creations were the gold "junk" convertible and the red "jeep," both lovingly crafted for his kids to navigate around school. While George was known for his candidness, he maintained a remarkable sense of humor that endured until the very end.
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    October 9, 2011
    Death date
    Cause of death
    Copley, Summit County, Ohio 44321, United States
    Death location
  • Gravesite & Burial

    Funeral date
    Holy Cross Cemetery 100 E Waterloo Rd, in Akron, Summit County, Ohio 44319, United States
    Burial location
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George Valentine Borisuk Obituary
(Move over Millie, I'm coming home!") George Valentine Borisuk, 83, joined his loving wife, Millie, in heaven on October 9, 2011 surrounded by his family.

He was born February 14, 1928 in Rittman, Ohio and moved to Barberton as a youth. At age 16 he joined the Merchant Marines and saw the Pacific. He then joined the U.S. Army in 1946 before marrying his high school sweetheart, Mildred Weigand, in 1948. They enjoyed 61 years of marriage.

He worked as a pipefitter at Goodyear for 36 years and moved up the ranks to dept. foreman where he held the respect of all his coworkers and is remembered still. In 1976 Goodyear sent him to S. Africa as a Master Mechanic for nine months. He made the most of his 26 years of retirement. He and Millie enjoyed numerous trips around the states with their four children as well as tours in Europe and several cruises to the Caribbean and Alaska.

George played accordion in several polka bands as well as all the family Christmas parties. He enjoyed fishing at Mogadore Reservoir while listening to polkas. Dad found a way to improve things and spent thousands of hours ``puttering' in his garage workshop. Most would remember the gold ``junk' convertible and the red ``jeep' he built for the kids to drive around the school. He told it like it was but had a great sense of humor to the end. George will be remembered at St. Paul's Church where a metal sculpture hangs that he created depicting the life of St. Paul.

Preceded in death by father, Sam Borisuk; mother, Mary Wolsky; infant daughter, Susan Marie and sister, Helen Firis. He leaves loving memories to daughters, Sandy Heasley, Brenda (Bill) McShaffrey, Denise (John) Casalinuovo; and son, Fred (Gloria) Borisuk; grandchildren, Susan (Jason) Ratay, Sarah, Alexandra and Samantha Borisuk, Eddie and Maggie McShaffrey, Michael and Christopher Casalinuovo and Christina Heasley; great grandchild, Noah Heasley.

The family will receive friends on Wednesday from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. at the Anthony Funeral Home KUCKO-ANTHONY-KERTESZ CHAPEL, in Akron. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated by Fr. Ralph Thomas on Thursday at 10 a.m. at St. Paul Catholic Church on Brown St. in Akron. Interment will follow at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Akron Beacon Journal
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In 1928, in the year that George Valentine Borisuk was born, aviatrix Amelia Earhart, age 31, became the first woman to fly solo across North America and back in August. In June, she had been part of a 3 man crew that flew the Atlantic Ocean but since she had no instrument training, she couldn't fly the plane - she kept the flight log. The North American flight became one of her many "firsts" as a female pilot.
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In 1933, when he was only 5 years old, on December 5th, the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified. The 21st Amendment said "The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed." Alcohol was legal again! It was the only amendment to the Constitution approved for the explicit purpose of repealing a previously existing amendment. South Carolina was the only state to reject the Amendment.

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Source(s): National Archives: WWII Enlistment Records: 1938 - 1946
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