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Mike Hanuschak 1916 - 1958

Michael Hanuschak of Mahoning County, Ohio United States was born on October 1, 1916 in Campbell, Mahoning County, Ohio United States, and died at age 42 years old on December 20, 1958 in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio United States. Michael Hanuschak was buried at Calvary Cemetery 248 S Belle Vista Ave, in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio 44509, United States.
Michael Hanuschak
Mahoning County, Ohio United States
October 1, 1916
Campbell, Mahoning County, Ohio, United States
December 20, 1958
Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio, United States
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Michael Hanuschak's History: 1916 - 1958

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    October 1, 1916
    Campbell, Mahoning County, Ohio United States
  • Ethnicity & Family History

    Michael is the son of Maftje Hanuscak and Catherine Kolesar. He had siblings Catherine Hanuschak (1900-1992), Mary Hanuschak (1905-), Helen Hanuschak (1907-1953), Nicholas Hanuschak (1912-1972), and Andrew Hanuschak (1914-1919). His father Maftje was born on March 9, 1875 in Porac, Spis County Slovakia (Austria-Hungary). He immigrated to the US sometime around 1900 and passed away on August 3, 1955 in Campbell, Ohio. His mother Catherine was born on November 8, 1879 in Porac, Spis, Slovakia and she married Maftje on November 21, 1898 in Porac, Slovakia before she immigrated to the states. She passed away on August 19, 1941 in Campbell, Ohio.
  • Early Life & Education

    He was a high school graduate.
  • Military Service

    Military serial#: 35916088 Enlisted: September 15, 1943 in Cleveland Ohio Military branch: No Branch Assignment Rank: Private, Selectees (enlisted Men) Terms of enlistment: Enlistment For The Duration Of The War Or Other Emergency, Plus Six Months, Subject To The Discretion Of The President Or Otherwise According To Law Michael served in the US Army from October 6, 1943 until his discharge on March 14, 1946. While in service, he was part of the 368 Oro Maint Co with service number 35-916-088.
  • Professional Career

    Mike worked as an electrical engineer.
  • Personal Life & Family

    On August 29, 1940 Michael married Margaret Baker (1920–1988) in Campbell, Mahoning, Ohio, USA. The couple had two children together; a son and a daughter.
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    December 20, 1958
    Death date
    Cause of death
    Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio United States
    Death location
  • Gravesite & Burial

    Funeral date
    Calvary Cemetery 248 S Belle Vista Ave, in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio 44509, United States
    Burial location
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In 1916, in the year that Mike Hanuschak was born, the U.S. National Park Service - part of the Department of the Interior - was created by an act of Congress in August. The Park Service was charged with the dual role of "preserving the ecological and historical integrity of the places entrusted to its management while also making them available and accessible for public use and enjoyment". The resources managed by the National Park Service have often been referred to as the "crown jewels" of the United States.
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In 1924, he was only 8 years old when J. Edgar Hoover, at the age of 29, was appointed the sixth director of the Bureau of Investigation by Calvin Coolidge (which later became the Federal Bureau of Investigation). The Bureau had approximately 650 employees, including 441 Special Agents. A former employee of the Justice Department, Hoover accepted his new position on the proviso that the bureau was to be completely divorced from politics and that the director report only to the attorney general.

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Source(s): National Archives: WWII Enlistment Records: 1938 - 1946
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