1st Platoon 513th Company F Basic Training

On the back of this photo some of the soldiers wrote their names and addresses, I will do my best to decipher their handwriting. I have no clue who any of these people are in relation to their names with the exception of my Father, Edward Donald Standish Jr.(3rd from the left, front row)

1.) William M. Beischl 428 N. 3rd St. Allentown, Pennsylvania

2.) Robert L. Compom? R.D. # 1 Seneca Falls, New York

3.) D. Bishop R.D. #1 Seneca Falls, New York

4.) Alphonse E. Armellino 218 Brooklyn Ave. New Hyde Park, Long Island

5.) Harold F. Armbruster Wytheville, Virginia

6.) Gene Aldridge (may be Eldridge) 36 1/2 Atkinson St. Rochester, New York

7.) Robert J. Chapman 206 Main St. Altamont, New York

8.) Alfred W. Brock 81 Marshall St. Rochester, New York

9.) John Boyd 306 Exchange St. Geneva, New York

10.) Ed Beckman 33 Sherman St. Rochester, New York

11.) E. Bates R.D.# 1 Seneca Falls, New York

12.) Frank P. Duodins? Evington, Virginia
Date & Place: at United States Army, in USA
Unknown - Unknown
Updated Nov 09, 2018

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