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Updated Jul 12, 2021
Judith Nicholson
Judith Nicholson shared a photo
on Jul 11, 2021 4:33 PM
I know this is a long shot but I’m going to be positive and see if anyone recognizes any of these faces.

A family album was found in my aunt Enid Nicholson’s attic in Stocksfield, England. Her husband, Burnett "Pip" Horne Nicholson, was my father’s brother.

I have been able to identify many of the people in the photos but not all of them. I would like to make this file available to other family members. I have a link through Google Drive that I can send to them. I would love to have all the photos identified (very wishful thinking but remember I’m going to be positive). I am hoping that Family Treasures Found can help me.

The oldest son in the Nicholson family, John "Jack" Edward Nicholson, moved from the Ashington, England area to Belleville, St Clair, Illinois before 1920. I believe the album was made of the photos the Nicholson family sent from the US to England to share with their relatives. The family names are Nicholson, Bell, Brown, Horne, McKie, Douglas, Anderson, Smith, and Deutsch.

Thank you for your help,

Judith Nicholson
Date & Place: Unknown

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