Alice and Bus Crowley Headstone, New York

Alice and Bus Crowley Headstone,in Pittsford Cemetery: Mom and Dad Share a Headstone, Alice Mae (McGarraghy) Crowley 7/9/1919 - 8/14/1999 & Clement I. "Bus" Crowley 7/21/1921 - 1/26/2012 In Pittsford Cemetery on south side of washington road. In upper left half of hill. Closer to Random Woods, that is the street on the northern border of this section.The majority of family buried at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, off Lake ave Rochester NY - the Gilmartin family and the McGarraghy family and more.
Date & Place: at My Dad and Mom are buried,East side of Washington St. extension of Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NY.14618. That part of the cemetery, has been their for decades. This is part of three different pittsford cemeteries in town of Pittsford.This area does not show on maps.It runs along the south boundary of A stere called , in Pittsford,Rochester, Monroe County, New York 14618
Updated Feb 17, 2013

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