Clarence Boyd Dugan 1936

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Clarence Boyd Dugan 1936
Boyd Dugan With Wife Margie
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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Clarence Boyd Dugan
Clarence Boyd Dugan was born in 1936 at Pinal County in Florence, Arizona United States to Herman Dugan, and died at age 63 years old in 1999 in Globe, Gila County. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Clarence Boyd Dugan .
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Norma Pullum
I am the Oldest Daughter of E. Leon Pullum and Ella Dugan. I was born in Florence, Arizona in 1955. County of Pinal I lived in Coolidge in an adobe house that my Grandfather built with his bare hands. Life was good there in the Hot Arizona desert. My Father went to prison when I was 5. I missed him but adapted well to life without him. He always loved me, that was all that mattered.He taught me how to protect myself, to be street smart , and to read people . My Mother was young but she was fun and a lot like an older sister. She taught me how to sing. Grandma was the Mom. Grandma taught Sunday school and proper manors. Without her I would have no grace. My Grandfather was a sharp dressed Man.Yet strong and not afraid to get his hands dirty. He kept everything in order., paid the bills, repaired the broken, made sure we always had food on the table and cloths on our backs. He was also a Man of God and carried his bible to church and me. I loved his lap, it was the most comforting place on Earth.
Mothers side: Herman Dugan (Irish) and Josephine Irene Mortensen (Danish) missionaries Fathers side : John Blackwell Pullum descendant of Kentucky plantation owners and Choctaw Indian tribe and Sybil Delilah Endsley daughter of the Cusick Family. I am a mixture of many things which gives me the ability to be one with the Universe. My heart is with God . My eye is on the Devil . It is a gift I cherish.
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