DIETZ CASTLE (House of Dietz-Nassau)

DIETZ CASTLE, Diez, Germany in the Lahn River Valley, a few hours from Frankfurt. (pronounced "Deets"). My paternal ancestors belonged to the House of Dietz-Nassau & we do have some notable figures as relatives."

"House of Dietz-Nassau" I think may be a mistaken naming of the "HOUSE OF ORANGE-NASSAU" to which the Dietz's belong... I have not seen any references to "Dietz-Nassau" but I may be wrong!
Date & Place: in Germany
None / Unknown


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Debe Deitz-Marshall
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Sylvia Hertel
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Amanda Deatz
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Amanda Deatz
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My last name is deatz, i cannot find anything on my last name only the last name deitz. Are these two of the same?
Mar 09 · Reply
Sylvia Hertel
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The spelling was changed from Dietz to Deitz to preserve the correct sound when they came to the USA. Such spelling changes were common among German immigrants.
May 13, 2015 · Reply
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