Dooly/Spann/Gann/Moreland 1894

Left to Right Children:Maudie Allie Dooly, Etta May Dooly, Charles Henry Dooly,Mose H.Spann, John Franklin Spann,Annie Thomas Gann,William M. Gann,Left to Right Adult's:Sarildia Louisa Dooly(Meray),William Davis Dooly,George Washington Dooly,Daniel Newton Dooly,John Jefferson Dooly,Mary Elisabeth Dooly(Moreland), Patsy Dooly, Martha Elizabeth Gann,Martha Ann Dooly(Spann)holding baby Maggie Bell Spann,Moses Franklin Spann, and Isaac Newton Spann. Many Thanx to Theola Walden Baker for info. John Jefferson Dooly and Mary Elisabeth Moreland were my GGG-Grandparent's.

Taken: at Telephone Texas, in Fannin County, Texas United States

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