Elisabeth Freeman and Elsie McKenzie

Updated Feb 17, 2016
Kathy Pinna
Kathy Pinna shared a photo
on Aug 24, 2011 6:27 PM
Photo shows suffragists Elisabeth Freeman and Elsie McKenzie holding pigeons.

Elisabeth emigrated to the U.S. as a child and lived in New York. She was an active suffragette, even making a talking picture known as a Kinetophone for the Thomas A. Edison Co. about the movement.

Elsie McKenzie was also called a "militant" suffragist and made appearances with Elisabeth.

In 1913, they left New York in a caravan, dressed as gypsies, taking several carrier pigeons with them. They traveled to Chicago, stopping along the way to make speeches in favor of a woman's right to vote. This photo was probably taken on that trip.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Bain News Service.
Date & Place: in New York USA
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