Elizebita (Lukasewicz) Rynkiewicz & Charles Choplick

Elizabeth (Lukasewicz) Rynkiewicz married a Jan Jerzy Rynkiewicz in 1861 in Krasnopol, Poland. Purpotedly they are from Sejny and Krasnopol, Poland. Elizabeth and Jan Rynkiewicz had five (5) children all born in Poland and they were: Peter; Anna, Victoria; Charles and Mary.

All the children immigrated to the U.S. After their father Jan Jerzy Rynkiewicz died in Poland they sent for their mother Elizabeth Rynkiewicz and she immigrated into the U.S. 1895 headed for Shenandoah, PA, Schuylkill County. Towards the end of her life she went to live with her daughter Victoria (Rynkiewicz) Choplick in Kulpmont, PA and died on 21 Feb 1921 and is buried along side her son Charles and also in between Felix and Jozef Rynkiewicz in the Shenandoah Heights Cemetery Saint Stanislaus.

Felix and Jozef Rynkiewicz were Elizabeth's brother-in-laws.
Date & Place: at Photo Studio, in Shamokin/Schuylkill, Pennsylvania USA
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