Estella Mae Kuhn Protzman

Estella Mae Kuhn from Nodaway County Missouri. Married Valentine Charles Protzman in 1902
Date & Place:
Age: 18

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William Lansaw
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Sandy Kuhn
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So how are you related to Estella Mae?? She is my great-grandmother on my father's side (his grandfather was Volley (Valentine) Protzman). I know that Estella (I believe she went by the name Mae) & Volley are both buried in Conception, MO.
Feb 05, 2005 · Reply
Sandy Kuhn
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my husbands grandfather was francis taft kuhn. francis father was cassius kuhn. cassius had 2 sisters:letha mae kuhn and lulu. we think their father was john and he was married to a lyra appleton. we found cassius buried in liberty indiana along side his mother. he died in 1937. letha lived in st.paul indiana. lulu never married. she later left liberty and went to live with her sister in st.paul. letha married a tietsort. hope to hear from you.
Jan 02, 2005 · Reply
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