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Fannie Melvina Gann(Bailey)
G-Grandmother Fannie Melvina Bailey who married George Thomas "Tom" Gann. She is a Daughter of William Washington Bailey, and Sarah Jane Reaves.
Date & Place: in Oklahoma United States
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Fannie M Bailey
Fannie M Bailey was born on December 20, 1889. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Fannie M Bailey.
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Td Walker
I found an old trunk in what used to be my G-Grandparent's barn(Gann side of my Family). This trunk had very old personal letter's and postcard's saved from back when Oklahoma was Indian Territory. The letter's were written by different family member's from Arkansas to Indian Territory. The oldest letter I think is dated 1884. I also recently met a cousin who had my G-Grandmother's(on my Walker side) old Picture box, He was kind enough to let me bring it home and scan everything inside. My Grandmother(Elva Joy Walker(Gann) also introduced me to a Cousin named Theola Walden Baker who compiled "The Gann Family 1705-1996". Once I 1st read it and with all the above, I've been "hooked" ever since! I'm researching names on my Dad's side of Bailey, Gann, Green, Dooly, Moreland, Spann, Smart, Trout, and Walker. I'm also researching names on my Mother's side of Baty, Mace, Morris, Mixon, and Oakley. Thank You in advance for any light you might shed on my Family Tree history yet to be discovered by me. Sincerely, T. D. Walker
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