George Washington and Eleanore (Ruddick)


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On the back of this photo of Mary Eliza Glasscock Taylor's someone wrote "Grandma Taylor's mother and father ? Glasscox. There is no way of knowing. I think the photo was taken around 1870 and that would make them too old for her parents. Could this possibly be her grandparents. John Glasscock (b. 1805) and Sarah Stringfield (b. 1809)

Mystery: This could be either my great great grandparents, George Washing Glasscock b. 1837 d. 1908 and Eleanore Ruddick, b.1839 d. 1902 or my guess it is the parents of either one of them due to the age of the couple. In the 1870's GW and Elenore would have been in their 30's. Someone wrote on the back, Grandma Taylor's mother and father ? Glasscox. Could it be her grand parents
at J. W. Baker Photographer, in Rogers, Arkansas United States


I agree , probably GW
Aug 01, 2006 · Reply
Mary, it is doubtful that it could be John Glascock & Sarah Stringfield since John died prior to the use of photography around the Civil War era. More than likely is George W. Glasscock and Eleanor Ruddick.
Feb 13, 2004 · Reply