Gramma, Virginia Colley Falin

This is my Grandma Virginia COLLEY FALIN feeding the chickens, while living in Sharon Wv.

Virginia COLLEY FALIN was born in Fe 16 1896 in Licking River, Boyd Co. Kentucky. She passed away April 10 1969 in Rutland, Meigs Co., Ohio and buried back home in Sharon WV.

Virginia Falin's husband was George Wahington FALIN born

Her mother Electa RIGGS GOODMAN COLLEY has always claimed full blood Cherokee Native Indian.

ELECTA COLLEY was born (maybe Nancy Electa RIGGS) Feb 14 1867 in KY and passed on while living in Athens Co. Ohio Feb 12 1954 and was buried on her birthday, Feb 14th 1954, in The Plains, at Hocking Cemetery - Athens County, Ohio.

Electa's parents John GOODMAN and Ellen RIGGS married in Floyd County KY - August 19th 1869

Electa's Dad was JOHN C GOODMAN born about 1839 Greenup KY, died March 16 1899 in Coaltown Boyd KY.

Electa's Mom, ELLEN RIGGS GOODMAN was born 1838 Scott Co. Va.

Ellen RIGGS GOODMAN died Oct 31 1927 Chauncy, Athens Ohio and buried at Nye Cemetery Nov 2 1927, Athens County.
Date & Place: at Virginia Colley Falin, in Sharon, West Virginia USA
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