Grandpa Bailey & Family

Grandpaw Bailey and Family
About 1870 The older man in the picture is probably Franklin Bailey. I don't know others.
Date & Place: Unknown
None / Unknown


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Margaret Laurenz
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Margaret Laurenz
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Franklin Bailey aka F.A.Bailey was my ggg grandfather. My gg grandmother was Elizabeth Jane [Bette]Bailey Maines. 3rd of 6 children in 1st marriage.
Mar 25, 2006 · Reply
Margaret Laurenz
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I have learned that the people in the picture are:
Franklin Alexander Bailey, standing behind him is Mitchel Hutson Bailey his youngest son from 1st marriage to Polly Parton. Others in photo are wife #2 Adeline Burnett, their children in order of age Alice, Rutha Jane [Cook], Mary, Margaret [Essex], William Larkin, Ellie, Katie, Flora and John. It was porbably taken in Andrews County, MO. Youngest child was born 1880 so I am assuming date to be about 1880.
Mar 25, 2006 · Reply
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