Handwritten Receipt - Jacob Bixler

Bill of Sale for a wagon for Jacob Bixler. Cost 10 pounds, 10 shillings.
Date & Place:
None / Unknown


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Alice Luckhardt
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Katharine Cipolla
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Katharine Cipolla
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I have family bible from Jacob Bixler of Schulkill Co. PA who was born 15 July 1789. Where did this signature originate?
Mar 11, 2004 · Reply
Alice Luckhardt
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Jacob Bixler, Sr. - born March 11, 1729/30 in Hanover,York Co., PA - later moved to Manchester, Maryland. Died March 14, 1807. He would have lived in Maryland in 1789 but I'm sure he may have traveled into PA from time to time.
His son, Jacob Bixler, Jr. was born June 15, 1770 and died July 13, 1842 in MD.
It would be interesting to see the list of names - dates on the bible of Jacob Bixler you have.
Feb 26, 2006 · Reply
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